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If you are a patient from outside BC and have a problem or concern you may contact the College of Pharmacists of BC at #200 - 1756 West 8th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6J5C6

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A Letter From a Quality Prescription Drugs Customer

At Quality Prescription Drugs, we take pride in offering safe and affordable prescription drugs to our US Customers. What motivates the Quality Prescription Drugs team, and what drives our team with providing you with the best cus...

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Simvastatin vs. Lipitor

Simvastatin, also referred to as Zocor, and Lipitor, known as Atorvastatin, are both medications that are used to treat and maintain high cholesterol. High levels of cholesterol in the body are a very serious condition that can le...

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Atenlol and Diovan for High Blood Pressure

Atenolol: Dosing, Side Effects, and More What is Atenlol Used For? Atenlol is used to treat high blood pressure and is quite useful at treating coronary artery disease as well. Whether patients are trying to prevent migraine heada...

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