Start the Healing with Acid Reflux Medication

Acid reflux is a common condition where the backflow of stomach contents (especially acid) is extended back into the esophagus. The stomach has a thick protective lining protecting from the acids decaying effects. Unlike the stomach the esophagus is not protected and acid in the esophagus can cause damage and heartburn.

The risk of having acid reflux may increase if you are over 50 years old, are overweight, are pregnant, smoke, or take certain medications including some antidepressants or calcium channel blockers. There are also foods which can cause acid reflux; these include alcohol, chocolate, coffee, acidic food (lemons), onions, garlic, peppermint, and spicy food.

Many types of acid reflux medication are available to treat acid reflux; the most popular medication being Nexium medication. Nexium is available at discounted prices through Canadian pharmacies or you can purchase the generic Nexium, Esomeprazole, for even greater savings.

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