May 28, 2010

Smoking Causes Gene Mutations

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smoking, quit smokingRecent studies have uncovered yet another negative effect of smoking – the genetic mutation of DNA. A recent Canadian study has demonstrated that smoking causes DNA mutations within sperm cells, implementing that children of male smokers may inherit permanent and negative changes to their DNA before they are even born. Two comprehensive studies conducted in the United States and the United Kingdom have further revealed that a single lung tumor is likely to contain tens of thousands of genetic mutations, and that additionally fifteen cigarettes will cause a single genetic mutation. If you’re wondering whether genetic mutation is really a big deal, let me assure you, it is. When cells are caused injury because of the body’s condition, which may include being exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays or smoke inhalation, the cell becomes a genetic “error” and begins to multiply in an out-of-control fashion. This mutated cell literally becomes cancerous, and as it continues to multiply, it will either form a malignant or benign tumor.

If smoking just fifteen cigarettes has the potential to mutate your genes and give you cancer, every pack of cigarettes you buy could put you on your deathbed. For example, smoking just one pack of cigarettes per week will leave you with forty-eight gene mutations at the end of the year, one of which could be life-threateningly cancerous. By quitting smoking, it’s easy to rid yourself of the risk of acquiring cancer – before it’s too late.

Although this new research doesn’t bode well for current smokers, the development in cancer treatment research has been catapulted forward, as this new method of research that has been developed to analyze the genetic sequencing and mutations will allow cancer researchers to identify gene sequences and eventually develop a way to counter-act the genetic errors that have occurred as a result of smoke inhalation and exposure to sunlight.

If you’re interested in quitting smoking, talk to your doctor about different quitting methods, between nicotine products and medications that don’t contain nicotine, you’ll find a method of treatment that’s right for you.

May 26, 2010

The Hidden Cost of Beauty

The price of beauty is enough; what with tanning beds, Botox, plastic surgery and much more readily available there are also many dangers to beautifying treatments.

Although tanning beds may give you a beautiful golden glow, there are various dangers associated with them.   Tanning beds emit the same UV rays as the sun does. This can give you a sunburn, and cause eye damage (so wear those goggles).  Tanning beds can also cause premature ageing and wrinkles because UVA rays assist in the loss of collagen in the skin which leads to wrinkles and saggy skin.  Skin cancer is also a risk of tanning beds. The harmful rays emitted in tanning beds have been connected to the development of skin cancer.

Botox is another danger. Botox is extremely dangerous. It can cause botulism which paralysis the entire body beginning with the face. If this condition remains untreated, the muscles controlling respiration could be paralyzed and cause death due to suffocation.  Other not-so-harmful dangers of Botox are that you could experience drooping eyelids if you have injections near the eye.  It is also possible to become addicted to Botox. Women begin to believe that getting Botox injections is the only way they can look good.

Beauty is costly and dangerous, so is it really worth it? Talk to your doctor about safety methods you can take to lessen your chances of the dangers of these methods.

May 7, 2010

7 Things to Do to Become a Healthier Person

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Exercise, drink 8 glasses of water a day, and sleep at least 8 hours a night. These are things you have heard a million times before and they are keys to being a generally healthy person, but there are other things that you can do to be healthy.

1. Switch your sugar with honey – By switching to honey you can reduce your cholesterol intake. Honey slows the oxidation of bad cholesterols which increases your good cholesterol.

2. Eat apple peels – At least don’t peel your apples. Apple peels have characteristics to fight cancer in the liver and colon, and breast cancer.

3. Kiss – Kissing helps to increase the production of saliva in your mouth which helps protect your teeth enamel.

4. Do nothing – Sit in a dark place with no noise and just relax. This (even for just 10 minutes) can relieve great amounts of stress and refresh you. Doing this twice a day can have a lasting effect.

5. Smile – Smiling and laughing makes you look younger and has been scientifically proven to keep you healthier.

6. Eat brussel sprouts – Eating this vegetable on a daily basis will reduce wrinkles, prevent birth defects in babies, and stop cancer growths. This is the miracle vegetable for sure.

7. Eat fish – Fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids. These are the good fats that the body needs. These fatty acids reduce inflammation and lower the risk for chronic diseases.

Will Digestive Cleansing Help You Lose Weight?

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fruits, vegetables, detox diets, diet, digestive cleansing dietMany Hollywood movies will denote losing weight as an easy task. In nearly every “chick-flick”, the female protagonist will make a comment – either stating that she looks the way she does because she’s only been drinking cranberry juice for the last forty-eight hours, or to complement the shape of her side-kick, who in return will usually reply that she’s following a new dietary plan that involves eating a block of cheese once a week. These methods of cleansing and detoxifying seem overdramatized and unrealistic (which they often are), however, nutritionists and family physicians agree that the detoxification of your system isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you plan to change your eating habits and make more healthy dietary choices.

The act of cleansing out your system usually takes from two to ten days and involves eating minimal amounts of foods that are easily digested. Although this may seem extremely difficult, cleansing out your body is the easiest way to change the eating habits that you’ve spent your lifetime developing. The foods that are recommended below are all easy for your body to digest, and will additionally draw out toxins to improve overall weight loss.

Most Cleansing Diets Recommend Eating:

Fresh Vegetables – They aren’t your favorite food, however vegetables are exceptionally good detox foods. Cauliflower, broccoli, onions, garlic, artichokes, beets and any other red or green vegetables are nutrient-packed and will help to remove toxins during your cleanse.

Nuts – You need protein while you cleanse, and nuts are the most beneficial source of protein for you. Any flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews or walnuts are good choices while you partake in any cleansing festivities.

Rice and Alternative Grains – All forms of rice are extremely easy to digest, including rice cakes and products made with rice flour. If you’re not a fan of rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet, and buckwheat products are all excellent and easily-digestible alternatives that can be purchased at your local health food store.

Beans – Although the split yellow and green peas are the easiest form of bean to digest, all beans including the kidney, pinto, and chickpea varieties are effective components to a cleansing diet.

Oil – If you must use oil, either to cook your food or as an ingredient in a new recipe, using extra-virgin olive oil is wise, as it is the most beneficial for cleansing purposes.

Only Certain Beverages – The fluids that you ingest will affect the effectiveness of your cleanse. Drinking only herbal teas, green tea, water, lemon water, pure unsweetened fruit juices and rice milk are key components to removing the toxins in your body.

Though cleansing diets will often help you to start your new diet on the right foot, they aren’t for everyone. It’s important to talk to your doctor or nutritionist before starting a cleanse – they may have some helpful tips or advise you to additionally take a medication that encourages weight loss.