October 18, 2010

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October 1, 2010

Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Laptop on Your Lap

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The use of laptop computers among North American communities has drastically increased over the course of the past five years. Laptops are more convenient – they’re more compact, very versatile and their portability just can’t be beat by the regular desktop computer. However, like many of the other modern appliances available to the public today, the laptop computer does not come without its own series of health risks, including back pains and vision problems. However, the most distressing health concern that all laptop owners should be aware of does not lie among the regular posture issues and vision problems that are often associated with laptop use; but rather in fertility issues for men as a result of laptop usage on their laps.

For men, the use of a laptop across the lap has been proven to result in sperm damage, lower counts and decreased motility, which are all important factors for a man’s fertility. The heat that is released from a laptop computer seriously affects the body’s ability to produce sperm, as the scrotum requires lower temperatures to function and produce sperm effectively. For men in relationships that are trying to conceive, using your laptop on a desk or other surface than your lap may be the best way to go. Fertility researchers also recommend avoiding hot tubs, limiting use of drugs and alcohol as well as quitting smoking as alternative methods to increase sperm counts and fertility.

Laptop computers are a popular choice in the consumer industry today, but like any other entertainment appliance, too much of it and improper use can lead to serious health problems. To avoid many health concerns that are associated with laptop use such as back pain, vision problems and infertility, ensure that you follow the user guide instructions in your computer manual, and additionally use your laptop on a hard surface that isn’t your lap.