December 17, 2010

Slow and Steady Loses the Weight

Motivated by the fact he may not be able to have kids with his wife, Tony Posnanski went from 420 pounds to 200 since 2008. His diet? Eating less and working out.  Posnanski went from eating 10,000 calories a day to only 2,400. Posnanski got rid of processed food and consumed vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. While it seems mundane, eating less is the best weight loss diet there is.

When Professor Mark Haub went on the “Twinkie Diet”, he was making a point as to that it’s not the nutritional value of the food that matters, it’s the intake. The “Twinkie Diet” is not recommended because it may have long term consequences. On the other hand, there are many low fat diets such Mediterranean diet that help improve your cardiovascular and metabolic health. Popular programs such as Weight Watchers, bring attention to portion sizes.

There are no short cuts to losing weight and maintaining the body you desire. The biggest factor to losing weight is reducing portion sizes, eating healthy, and working out for at least an hour each day. There will be no immediate difference. One needs to make a lifelong change to see true results.

Small changes in your diet such as staying away from processed foods will create a great difference. Your ideal body and health are found through hard work, not by taking shortcuts.

Diet and exercise are the best solution. Small portions, but no less than 1,200 calories, and about an hour of physical activity show the best long term results. Posnanski suggests eating whole grains to lower cholesterol, fruits and vegetables to reduce the chances of cancer, and creating a healthy relationship with food.

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