February 11, 2011

The Female Equivalent

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Viagra was first approved by FDA in 1998 for men with erectile dysfunction; however the research has been slow in creating the female equivalent. Pfizer, a leading medical organization, has been working on the development of a drug that can boost female sexual arousal and increase the chance of orgasms. Statics show that 40% of women are not able to achieve orgasm at some point in their life which creates a possible market for the drug. Although it is still in development, testing of the prototypes have already begun on animal subjects. The most recent study was done by British scientist on rabbits.

The experiment involved stimulating arousal in bunnies and then injecting them with the drug. The results show that the drug blocks an enzyme that checks blood flow to the arousal region. Therefore creates a greater blood flow and increases the arousal in the rabbits. Lead researcher, Christ Wayman states, “When a woman becomes sexually aroused, emotional and physical cues in the brain tell the body to increase blood flow to the genitals; this relaxes the vagina, improves lubrication and increases sensation.” The drug is intended to boost the flow of blood during a situation where arousal has already occurred which creates a greater chance of orgasm. The drug is still in development, according to Pfizer, and will take awhile due to the drug trials. This means that it will take a while before a possible drug for the female equivalent of Viagra to be on the market.