July 15, 2015

How Buying Prescription Drugs Online Is The Better Option

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Over 2,500 American customers participated in a poll conducted by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) to learn why Americans purchase health maintenance medicines from pharmacies outside the United States.  Over half respondents say they order medicines from non U.S. pharmacies to save on prescription drug costs.  Over 20% say their reason is to obtain prescription medicine their health insurance does not cover.

Rising costs of medications have left many to seek other ways to fill prescriptions.  Roughly 25 % of respondents say over the past year they have not been able to fill their prescriptions because they can’t afford to.  Thirty percent admit they miss doses on purpose or cut their pills in half to limit their spending related to prescription refill costs. Customers obtaining their medicines through Canadian pharmacies reportedly spend an average $250 per month for each prescription, while saving almost 50 percent for a 90-day prescription supply.

According to results received through the CIPA survey, many have dodged feared health consequences due to inexpensive prescription drug costs through Canadian pharmacies.  Over 30% say if it had not been for cheaper options through Canadian pharmacies, they would not be able to fill most of their prescriptions. Just over 10 % say it would be impossible to purchase any of their medicines at all.  Rising medication costs have forced some consumers to stop taking their medicine putting themselves at a greater health risk.

American taxpayers carry a financial burden of those on Medicare struggling to pay for health maintenance medications.  A large percentage of individuals obtaining prescriptions from Canada are American seniors receiving Medicare.  Over 85 % of respondents are over the age of 55 and close to 60% say they fund their health insurance and are responsible for medication costs.

CIPA general manager Tim Smith says international pharmacies are helping Americans obtain affordable prescription drugs.  He also states pharmacies with CIPA membership is another option for fixed-income Americans allowing for better health management due to cheaper medication costs.

Licensed online retail pharmacies providing 90-day pharmaceutical and maintenance medications to Canada and America consumers, with the exception of non-controlled substances, are verified by the CIPA.   The members display a verification seal online that verifies the pharmacy engages in good practices fulfilling valid prescription orders from patient doctors.  Members also meet quality control standards, keep patient information private and confidential, and provide easy to access information about contact details on their website. CIPA says Canadian pharmacies have served over 10 million patients from the United States since it has launched in 2002 with a clean safety record.


July 1, 2015

5 Grocery Items You Should Have in Your Shopping Cart

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There’s been such varied opinions and advice on what’s healthy and what’s not when it comes to food we should all be eating. So, don’t go nuts trying to figure out what you should pull out from the supermarket shelves and into your shopping cart. The following items culled from the vast experience of the nutrition professionals might help:

1)    Choose products that are organic. Those that are not organically grown and produced are usually covered with pesticides, and pesticides, as we know them are designed to kill things. Ergo, chances are that they won’t be doing us any good. Organic food generally has fewer, if any pesticides. It has typically higher levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are key to keeping our body healthy.

2)    Go for the dark green vegetables. These dark green-colored ones are the types loaded with vitamins and minerals. The paler the vegetable as in iceberg lettuce, the less quality vitamins and nutrition they’ve got.

3)    Pick up the fruits with lower sugar levels. Too much sugar, even if it comes from fruits isn’t good for you. That’s because too much sugar contributes to weight gain. But, let’s not take anything away from fruits. They bring us lots of benefits. Let’s just go for those with less sugar. These would include strawberries and raspberries which are also particularly high in antioxidants.

4)    If meat is a regular home menu, get the grass-fed meat. Why? Because a cow’s natural diet is grass, not grain Those farm animals which are fed grain to fatten them quickly would have a higher fat content in their bodies. In contrast, the naturally, grass fed cows would have not only lower fat content but that it is quite rich in healthy fats good for the people consuming them such as Omega 3.

5)    Choose items laden with lots of Omega 3 fats. Omega 3 fats are pretty important for health. They help keep the heart healthy, your joints supple and your immune system working in top shape. Not having enough of it, on the other hand could lead to a wide range of health problems like dry skin and obesity. Where do you find omega 3 fats? Mackerel, sardines and herring. Likewise, good sources would be salmon and tuna, plus as earlier cited, grass-fed meat.

The whole idea when you go shopping for groceries is to keep in mind that you’d be doing your and your family’s health a great favor by avoiding food that’s no longer what it started out as, or those which are the products of a chemist.