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Did you know? Opioids are the new 'in' prescription drug, according to recent trending studies. But, here's the thing:

They're perfectly legal. Prescribed every day.

And wreaking havoc with people's lives.

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How 14,400 Babies Became Drug Addicts

newborn baby in hands

April 2012. University of Michigan researchers publish a shocking statistic: every hour, a baby is born addicted to opioids in the United States.

This research comes from looking at addicted newborns born between 2000 and 2009. In that same period, the number of pregnant women using opioids quintupled (500% growth). Many of the mothers claimed they did not know opioids would be dangerous to their babies.

After all, it they took it with a prescription.

Babies born addicted start with a big disadvantage. Compared to healthy newborns, they are likely to weigh less. And low birth weight can make physical and mental development harder, can increase the risk of disease, and can increase the chance of dying.

As a baby withdraws from opioids, he or she experiences all the same withdrawal symptoms as any opioid addict: tightened muscles, tremors, seizures, and irritability.


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Overdosing: America’s New (and Legal) Killer

pills overflowing out of someone's palm

If you saw a local news headline talking about a drug overdose death, what would you imagine happened? Something with heroin? Or cocaine?

Unfortunately, most of the drug overdose deaths in the United States are no longer caused by those drugs. Instead, a class of drugs called opioid painkillers is mostly responsible these days. These include oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, and methadone.

Which are all legal and prescribed.

In 2007, more people overdosed on opioid painkillers than on cocaine and heroin combined. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 40% of drug overdose deaths in 2008 were caused by opioids.

Over 73% of all overdoses caused by prescription drugs are from opioid painkillers. And these overdose rates have all skyrocketed in the past ten years.

What happened?

The Rise of the Opioid


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