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Allergies are not only a spring problem - don't let all your winter allergy symptoms hinder your Christmas holidays this year.

Beauty sleep is said to be important - learn how you can get rid of all your pain with some good relaxing snoozes.

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Are you allergic to Christmas?

Rave Party

Why does Santa have a red nose and red cheeks? Is it because it's cold in the North Pole or he had too much eggnog? It's possible that Santa, like so many Americans, is suffering from some kind of allergy. Winter allergies can cause havoc in the holiday plans of many people. But, with a bit of caution and some planning, you can enjoy your Christmas without too much sneezing, coughing and watery eyes.

Christmas tree allergy

You brought the most magnificent Christmas tree home, only to find one of your kids is now sneezing and breaking out in a rash. Conifers are frequently bearers of mold spores and pollen, common allergy triggers in people who are sensitive to them. If you know that one of your family members is allergic to mold, you might have to switch to an artificial tree. Just make sure it is well dusted, or the dust can cause its own allergic reaction.


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Sleep – The Healthiest Pain Killer

Acupuncture Points

Santa gets all sorts of funny wishes, but one of the strangest is the one that comes from about six percent of Americans: they wish for more sleep. The latest year-end Holiday Slumber Index, a traditional survey conducted by the, examined how the holiday season affects American adults' sleep patterns. They came up with some interesting results.

Sleep-deprived holiday-makers

Most interviewed people admitted that they do not get enough sleep during the holidays. The most affected are the parents. About 44 percents moms and dads said that the reason for the lack of sleep is their worry that they will not be able to fulfill their kids' wishes and expectations. They simply cannot afford the cost the holidays entail. But, parents are not the only ones suffering. People without kids said that they cannot sleep during holidays out of pure stress, caused by the traditional holiday chaos and frenzy.


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