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Have you noticed a decline in your cognitive functioning? Check out what new drug can help reverse this decline.

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New Drug to Reverse Cognitive Decline

Reverse Cognitive Functioning Decline

Imagine an age when cognitive decline is a thing of the past. As we age, most of us tend to experience some degree of decrease in cognitive function. But it is when these symptoms turn into diseases, like Alzheimer’s, that it becomes very serious. Today, there are researchers from the University of Florida who claim to have a potential cure for reversing cognitive decline in adults. Sound ambitious? Yes. But they do back up their claim with good evidence.

The Study - One Step Closer to a Cure

The study, which was published in the Journal of Neuroscience, was led by Professor Jennifer Bizon. She explains that the type of memory responsible for remembering day-to-day things is called “Working Memory”. People use this memory for everyday things, like calculating a bill or managing finances. But in order for these functions to work properly, there needs to be a right balance of chemicals interacting in the brain.

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