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This month, we're talking about food. What chemicals are on the food you eat? What foods can make you healthier?

Concerns? Comments? Questions?

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Pesticides On Your Food – The Dangers and Solutions

fresh produce at a market

Health professionals still argue about the possible link between eating pesticides on our food and developing cancer. One thing is clear though: cancer rates are rising along with public exposure to pesticides.

Consider these two facts:

  • Regions with less or no pesticide exposure have significantly reduced cancer rates.

  • Farmers who heavily use pesticides, when compared to the general population, tend to have higher rates of some types of cancer.


The Dangers

Pesticides are foreign toxins that the human body cannot break down properly. They kill pests, but also cause many problems in human beings: brain problems, breathing problems, immune system problems, and even sexual health problems.

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4 Ways Garlic Can Make You Healthier

picture of garlic

For years, garlic has been called a health powerhouse. In fact, other cultures recognized long ago that garlic has an incredible ability to fight colds and the flu. It can even help manage blood pressure and high cholesterol.

This month, we put garlic to the test.


Garlic vs Food Poisoning

Just recently, garlic was recognized as a preventer of food poisoning thanks to a chemical called diallyl sulfide. This is what gives garlic its distinctive smell.

Campylobacter, often the cause of food poisoning from undercooked food, is fought by garlic’s diallyl sulfide.

Garlic: 1. Food poisoning: 0.

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