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Dear Valued Customers,

Two bills currently in circulation on Capitol Hill named PROTECT IP and SOPA will block your right to access affordable medication from our accredited online pharmacy, QualityPrescriptionDrugs.com.

The first piece of legislation, PROTECT IP, wrongly deems that all non-US pharmacies are harmful to American public health, even though our pharmacy is reputable, ethical, legal, and requires a doctor’s valid prescription in order to fill the prescription.

Both bills intentionally use vague and ambiguous language for the benefit of the US government and the US pharmaceutical companies. This vague language will give the US government the ability to unilaterally shut down online pharmacies without a court order or a chance of repeal. The US Pharmaceutical companies lobbies for SOPA and PROTECT IP, because these bills will shut down their competition and empower them to police the web and continue to sell prescription medication at inflated prices.

The passage of the bills will most harm US citizens. With high unemployment rates and a lagging economy, the most at risk demographics will lose their right to purchase their medication from our online pharmacy. US pharmacies sell their products at significantly higher prices than we sell ours, because in Canada our prescription drug prices are regulated, while in the US they are dictated by market forces. Without our online pharmacy, our customers will be forced to buy their medication at inflated US rates.

Take action today! Protect your right to buy prescription drugs from accredited online pharmacies. Visit RxRights to protect your rights, follow them on twitter @RxRights, and/or visit the White House website to sign a petition against the two bills.

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