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A lobotomy is a banned medical procedure that destroys parts of the brain to make people more manageable. Almost always, people become more vacant. They lose some capacity to think.

Pediatricians and parents are using drugs that dull the same parts of the brain, giving lobotomy-like results in kids.

And in other news, are we on the way to seeing incurable super-infections? The evidence is plain as day: yes.

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Why Some Parents "Lobotomize" Their Children

girl with no drive

With more and more cases of children with behavioral problems, there’s no surprise that prescription use for youngsters is on the rise. Specifically, powerful antipsychotics are being prescribed more and more.

But, these brain-tweaking pills aren’t being recommended by psychiatrists, but by pediatricians.

More than that, these pills don't mess around. Some experts have even referred to them like a chemical lobotomy (lobotomy: a banned medical procedure that can make people vegetative).

Parents just don't know what these pills can really do.

You Want to Give My Kid Schizophrenia Pills?

The antipsychotic drugs Abilify and Risperdal are generally used to treat psychiatric conditions like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other serious adult behavioral issues.

However, doctors who are not psychiatrists are prescribing these medications for an off-label usage: treating ADHD and other behavioral problems.


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The Biological Arms Race America is Losing

bio research

American health care doesn't negotiate with bacteria. American scientists formulate potent antibiotics to nuke the millions of bacterial infections seen every year.

And so far, the 'nuke the bacteria' strategy has worked. Diseases are typically cured more easily these days then they were hundreds of years ago. People are living a lot longer. Infections just aren't spreading like they could be. Lives have been saved.

But, modern medicine is coming to a wall. Antibiotic nukes just aren't working like they used to.

Medical scientists are constantly searching for bigger and better bio-weapons to attack drug resistant infections. Sometimes, they even have to double up on antibiotics to get the job done.

America may be coming up to a fight it can't win.

All-Out War: Antibiotics vs. Bacteria


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