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With summer winding down and the days starting to get shorter, try to stay positive and optimistic. That optimism will prevent you from being bitter, and as you will read below, bitterness can lead to illness.

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Bitterness Leads To Illness

bitterness leads to illness

It was recently found that people who are constantly bitter are more prone to becoming physically ill. Negative emotions such as bitterness, pain, disappointment, fear, panic, grief, anxiety, and anger send messages through your body causing a disruption in your natural energy flow. The disruption which occurs in your body can make your body more susceptible to illnesses.

There are different emotions which cause different types of diseases. Sadness or grief is said to cause problems in the lungs. Anger or irritability causes problems in the liver, worry and pensiveness can cause spleen issues and fear or shock may cause kidney problems.

It seems that with time people are able to realize which goals they wish to accomplish and which they aren't able to. As the years pass it is easier for people to become less bitter over goals they are unable to accomplish rather than dwell on it. This shows that even though a person is quitting a goal they are doing this due to inability to accomplish it which is actually better for a person's wellbeing.

When people do not express their emotions or 'bottle them up' this can also affect the persons wellbeing. It takes lots of energy to repress emotions and when feelings are repressed for a long period of time it can lead to illness and an accelerated aging process. Buried emotion can cause different symptoms.

These are only some of the many a person could experience:

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • A "who cares" attitude (lethargic)
  • Feeling anger over small problems
  • Problems talking about oneself
  • Lack of motivation or ambition

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Scrub It Then Drink From It

scrub clean and drink from it

The first step to a healthy lifestyle. is drinking fluids, especially water. In order to achieve the right amount of consumption you must get a portable water bottle for when you are on the run. Choose the right portable water bottle for you. There are many options at your local stores such as glass, stainless steel or plastic. These are essential containers which every person should have since it provides you with the right amount of water for your activities. No matter if you are at the gym or sitting at your desk, water helps revitalize your energy.

 It is necessary for your health to transport your water in a safe way. Although they are made to keep your water cool they still need to be cleaned in order to ensure you are not drinking from a bacteria filled bottle or a BPA water bottle. These types of water bottles are known for chemicals such as BPA (Bisphenol A) which distort the hormonal messaging in our bodies.

Just like your dishes you should wash your water bottles thoroughly. No one likes eating from a plate that was only rinsed with water therefore why would you do that to your water bottle? People assume since they only have water in their bottle that this means that it isn't as dirty however, this incorrect. It is obvious that if you leave energy drinks and other fluids in your water bottle the sticky mess is susceptible to growing bacteria. Water can also grow bacteria in areas of the bottle such as the mouth piece and if this is not washed properly it can end up in your system. The growth of bacteria. happens after the substance remains in the bottle for a long period of time but it happens more often when it is in a hot area.

There are some water bottles which open in the middle for better cleaning and no matter what kind of water bottle you have you need to make sure to clean it properly. Since most water bottles are long and have a small opening at the top you might need a brush or utensil to get into every corner of the bottle. Also scrub the mouth piece diligently in order to ensure no bacteria is left on there. Do not simply use water to rinse out your bottle; be sure to use dish washing soap to eliminate any bacterial growth. Here are a few other tips to keep your bottle clean and safe. Be sure to dry them well whether it is with a paper towel or a cloth. The best option would be to air dry therefore do this when possible. Also only wash your portable water bottle in the dishwasher if it says ‘dishwasher safe.’ If not, it can physically harm the bottle. Also dishwashers dispense water at an extremely hot temperature and this can cause the chemicals in your bottle to release onto the surface. This is unhealthy for you therefore be cautious when washing your water bottle with a dish washer. With all this said, the most important thing to do is maintain a clean water bottle.

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