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As Congress and the White House Debate How to Protect Americans from Fraudulent Pharmacies, Lee Graczyk, the Lead Organizer of RxRights.org, Took to the Radio to Explain the Difference Between Good and Bad Online Pharmacies and to Encourage Americans to Protect their Access to Affordable Drugs. As a Respected and Fully Certified Online Pharmacy, QualityPrescriptionDrugs Fully Supports RxRights.org and the Actions they Take to Protect Americans’ Health Care.

Vancouver, BC May 5, 2011

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RxRights.org is dedicated to raising awareness about the safety and affordability of prescription drug importation.

In a recent radio interview on 96.5 WJTK in North Florida, the Lead Organizer of RxRights.org Lee Graczyk discussed the importance of online pharmacies as an affordable source for prescription drugs in the United States. While sharing some tips for distinguishing legitimate from rogue pharmacies, Mr. Graczyk recognizes the need for Congress and the White House to protect American citizens from fraudulent pharmacies, but also stresses the need to "recognize that there is a difference between the good guys and the bad guys in this situation."

During his interview with Ken Allen, Mr. Graczyk explains some of the reasons he believes Americans seek international pharmacies as an affordable alternative for prescriptions. "The fact of the matter is one of the reasons people are turning to internet pharmacies and other countries as a source for prescription drugs…is price. Americans pay twice as much for prescription drugs compared to people in other industrialized countries." More shockingly, Mr. Graczyk continues to cite the increasing price of pharmaceuticals in the United States as a major motivating factor. "Just since the year 2005, (prescription prices) have increased by 28.5%." Meanwhile, the United States is mired in its worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and seniors and other citizens with a fixed budget are often forced to choose between eating and taking their medications.

In response to growing prescription costs, RxRights.org is helping Americans identify legal sources for safe and affordable drugs, and "encouraging people to contact both the White House and Members of Congress to make sure that as they look at regulating the bad sites out there, that they don’t lump the good guys in with the bad." More specifically, Lee Graczyk, lead organizer of RxRights.org, is "dedicated to raising awareness about the safety and affordability of prescription drug importation."

To this end, Mr. Graczyk offers some useful tips for identifying a licensed online pharmacy "(Patients) want to make sure that it’s a licensed pharmacy and is regulated in the country of origin; then they also want to make sure that the pharmacy requires a written and signed prescription from their doctor, and…make sure (the pharmacy) has a licensed pharmacist involved in order to receive the orders and to answer questions." Furthermore, although RxRights.org does not recommend specific online pharmacies they do recommend a number of "organizations that are involved in…that sort of checking and certification… one is CIPA (the Canadian International Pharmacy Association), and one is Pharmacy Accreditation Services."

Recognized by PharmacyChecker.com and the CIPA, QualityPrescritionDrugs is one trusted online pharmacy that supports the actions of RxRights.org. Not only aware of the need to protect Americans from fraudulent pharmaceuticals, QualityPrescriptionDrugs also feels "it is important to raise awareness in the United States about the impressive savings offered on safe, Canadian drugs."

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