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Are American and Canadian prescriptions the same?

Are American and Canadian prescriptions the same?

Although there has been has recently been large smear campaign against the quality and integrity of Canadian prescription drugs, the fact remains that most brand name drugs are identical to one in the United States. Many brand name prescription drugs are manufactured in the US and then exported to Canadian pharmacies.

Most brand name drugs are identical

The same pharmaceutical companies in Canada and USA manufacture all brand name drugs. Some may look different or have a different name, but the active ingredient is always the same. Some brand medications are actually manufactured in the United States before it is sent to Canada.

Generic versions of brand name prescription drugs are manufactured by large and reputable pharmaceutical companies in Canada. As with any generic drug, they contain the exact active ingredient as a brand name version. Their appearance will differ due to the fact that generic drugs use different inactive ingredients, such as dyes and coloring. Canadian generic drugs are as safe as American generic drugs, otherwise Canadian doctors would not prescribe them to millions of Canadians.


All of your Canadian prescription drugs are shipped to the United States in the original sealed manufacturers containers (unless you request a quantity smaller than the stock bottle). Since you are getting the original packaging from the drug manufactures (such as Merck, Pfizer, Ely Lilly) you are in effect eliminating potential human error in counting quantities and the unnecessary extra handling. In addition, Canadian Government now officially guarantees the safety and quality of prescription drugs imported from Canada.

Every day thousands of Americans order through Canadian pharmacies and save money on their prescription medication.


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