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Prescription drugs in Canada are generally cheaper compared to other countries because Canada regulates drug prices sold in physical drugstores and online pharmacies. Through the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB), people are assured that the cost of each patented medication in the market is reasonable. Our online pharmacy is approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. CIPA is an organization that works with regulators, physicians, pharmacists, and members of the government to maintain and ensure the safety of people when buying from mail-order pharmacy websites.

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A valid prescription is required from a licensed physician who is able to practice and prescribe medicine in Canada or the United States. Your prescription must be faxed or mailed to us to complete your order.

Our online Canadian drugstore can only supply as much medication as your physician prescribes for you, according to the directions, and up to a maximum of three months at a time. When your doctor is filling your prescription, ask for a 3 month prescription with 3 refills, which would be valid for a year’s worth of medication.

The accepted forms of payment include Personal Checks, International Money Orders and Certified Checks. We will also accept E-checks and American Express.

A generic drug is bioequivalent to brand name drugs (it contains the identical chemical ingredients that makes the drugs effective). Generic drugs are equivalent in strength and dosage to the original brand-name product. However, generic drugs may differ in color, flavor, or binding. By choosing a generic medication, you can save a significant amount of money.

Note: It is recommended to use one formulation of a brand or generic drug consistently to achieve the best results. This is particularly true for cardiovascular drugs, antimicrobials, proton-pump inhibitors, levothyroxine (ie. Synthroid), & antiepileptic drugs (ie. Topamax, Lamictal).

Talk to your doctor and ask for prescriptions for generic drugs whenever possible. Less expensive generic drugs can be found through our online Canadian drugstore database.

All our prices are stated in American Dollars. There is also a $9.00 US shipping fee per patient. All quoted prescription drug prices include the prescribing fee and pharmacy dispensing fee.

We can be contacted from Monday – Friday between 6:00am – 8:00pm PST and Saturday – Sunday 7:00am – 5:00pm PST.

Pharmaceutical laws are strict on dispensed products. We are bound by the same restrictions as your online Canadian drugstore, which dictates that dispensed products cannot be returned.

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