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Drug Description


Albenza is a prescription medication used to treat neurocysticercosis, an infection caused by pork tapeworm that affects the muscles, brain, and eyes and may result in seizures, brain inflammation, and visual impairments. 

Albenza is also prescribed to treat cystic hydatid disease, an infection caused by the larval stage of the dog tapeworm that can harm the liver, lungs, and abdominal lining. 

As an anthelmintic drug, Albenza inhibits the worm’s ability to absorb glucose, leading to its loss of energy and eventual death. 

Uses and Dosage 

Before taking Albenza and with each prescription refill, carefully read its medication guide and patient information leaflet. Seek guidance from your healthcare provider or pharmacist if you have any inquiries or concerns. 

Albenza’s dosage is based on the patient’s weight, medical condition, and response to treatment.  

Typically, Albenza is taken twice a day with a meal, as prescribed by the doctor. If unable to swallow the tablet whole, it is acceptable to crush or chew it and take it with a full glass of water. 

In neurocysticercosis treatment, the typical course of Albenza is 8 to 30 days, while in cystic hydatid disease treatment, it is taken for 28 days, followed by a 14-day interval, and repeated for three cycles. 

Follow the prescribed directions for taking Albenza, and avoid taking it more frequently, in larger or smaller amounts than recommended by your doctor. 

Complete the full prescribed course of Albenza as directed, even if symptoms improve early on, to prevent the risk of infection recurrence. 

Side Effects 

Listed below are the side effects associated with the use of Albenza. If any of them persist or worsen, inform your doctor promptly. 

Common Side Effects 

  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Abdominal pain 
  • Headache 
  • Temporary hair loss 

Serious Side Effects 

  • Severe headache that persists 
  • Vision changes 
  • Yellowing of the eyes or skin 
  • Severe stomach or abdominal pain 
  • Dark urine 
  • Unusual tiredness 
  • Easy bruising or bleeding 
  • Signs of infection, such as persistent sore throat, fever, or chills 
  • Signs of kidney problems, such as changes in urine output 
  • Confusion 
  • Very stiff neck 

Tell your doctor immediately if you experience any of the serious side effects listed above. 

Allergic Reactions 

Albenza rarely causes severe allergic reactions. However, get emergency medical help if you observe the following signs of an allergic reaction: 

  • Rash 
  • Itching or swelling, especially of the throat, tongue, and face 
  • Severe dizziness 
  • Trouble breathing 

This list does not contain all the potential side effects of Albenza. Tell your doctor promptly if any unlisted effects occur and become bothersome. 


Before taking Albenza, inform your doctor or pharmacist if you have any known allergies, especially to: 

  • Albendazole 
  • Mebendazole 
  • Any medications 
  • Any ingredients present in Albenza tablets 

To ensure Albenza is safe for you, disclose to your physician your medical background, specifically regarding any history of: 

  • Liver disease 
  • Biliary tract problems, such as blockage 
  • Blood or bone marrow disorders 

Many medications may interact with Albenza. To minimize the risk of such interactions, disclose to your healthcare provider all your current medications, including prescription and non-prescription drugs, dietary supplements, and herbal products. 

If you are taking Albenza for neurocysticercosis treatment, your doctor may prescribe additional medications to prevent nervous system damage. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience seizures, headache, vomiting, extreme fatigue, or behavioral changes. 

Albenza is not recommended for use in pregnant women except in specific clinical circumstances where no other alternative is appropriate.  

Women of reproductive potential must undergo a pregnancy test before being prescribed Albenza. Effective birth control must be used during the entire course of treatment and for three days after the final dose. If pregnancy occurs, the medication should be stopped immediately, and the patient must be informed of potential fetal harm. 

Consult your doctor before breastfeeding, as albendazole is excreted in breast milk. 

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