Flexi T 300 (Intrauterine Device) Medication


Flexi T 300 (Intrauterine Device)

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Drug Description


Flexi T 300 is a small intrauterine device (IUD) that is inserted into the uterus to provide long-term contraception. 

This contraceptive device is ideal for women who have not given birth, those in menopause seeking contraception, and as an emergency contraceptive. 

Flexi T 300 is a copper IUD and works by releasing traces of copper in the immediate vicinity to inhibit sperm mobility and prevent fertilization. Moreover, if fertilization occurs, the copper on the Flexi-T prevents the fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine wall, making it an effective “morning after” option if inserted within five days of an accident.  

Uses and Dosage 

Thoroughly review the patient information leaflet provided by your pharmacist before having Flexi T 300 inserted. If you have any questions or require further clarification, consult your doctor or pharmacist. 

Flexi T 300 is administered by a healthcare provider and can be inserted on any day of the menstrual cycle. 

Nevertheless, insertion during the menstrual period offers several advantages, such as the lowest likelihood of pregnancy and easier insertion with the potential to avoid additional bleeding. 

For Flexi T 300 to serve as an emergency contraceptive, it must be inserted into the uterus within a five-day window. 

Ideally, taking two paracetamol tablets or a single ibuprofen tablet one hour prior to the procedure is recommended to allow the medication time to take effect. If needed, you may also inquire about a local anesthetic in the form of 1cc of Lidocaine. 

After insertion, your doctor may perform ultrasonography to confirm the accurate placement of the IUD. 

Arrange a follow-up appointment with your doctor after 4 to 6 weeks of insertion or after your initial menstrual period to ensure the IUD remains correctly positioned. 

Flexi T 300 can remain in place for a maximum of 5 years, but it can be removed by a healthcare professional whenever you decide to pursue pregnancy.  

If you plan to have a new IUD after five years, the old one should be removed first, and the new one can be inserted immediately. 

Side Effects 

Listed below are the possible side effects of the Flexi T 300. Should any of these effects continue or worsen, inform your doctor. 

  • Abdominal pains and cramps 
  • Extended or heavier menstruation following insertion 
  • Spotting during the menstrual cycle (tends to decrease over time) 
  • Rare copper allergy (notify your doctor if allergic) 
  • Very low risk of womb perforation 

This list does not cover all the side effects of Flexi T 300. Report to your doctor if you experience any other effects. 


Before inserting Flexi T 300, a medical examination for pelvic inflammatory disease is recommended.  

In instances of infection, such as following a septic abortion, abortion with infection within three months, or a sexually transmitted disease within twelve months, appropriate treatment should be administered before inserting the Flexi-T. 

Flexi-T 300 should not be used in the case of: 

  • Unexplained uterine bleeding 
  • Uterine polyps or fibroids (myoma) 
  • Suspected ectopic pregnancy 
  • Uterine malformation 
  • Uterine cancer 
  • Allergy to copper 
  • Anemia 
  • A womb that is too small 
  • Pregnancy 

Before using Flexi T 300, inform your doctor if you are on any medication, particularly anticoagulants (blood thinners). 

If you are undergoing electrotherapy or radiotherapy, inform your doctor about your Flexi T 300 usage. 

If you or your partner can feel the IUD during sex or experience pain or discomfort, avoid intercourse and see your doctor. It is important to rule out the possibility of the IUD moving, which could lead to problems or reduce its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. 

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