Monistat 3 Ovule (Miconazole Nitrate - non Rx) Medication

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Monistat 3 Ovule is indicated for the management of vaginal yeast infections. Miconazole, an azole antifungal, is employed to alleviate symptoms such as vaginal burning, itching, and discharge, commonly associated with this medical condition. Its mechanism of action entails inhibiting yeast (fungus) proliferation, thereby facilitating the underlying infection. 

This medication is specifically indicated for the treatment of vaginal fungal infections. Other infections, such as bacterial vaginosis, may require alternative therapies. In cases where individuals experience symptoms such as fever, chills, flu-like manifestations, abdominal discomfort, or foul-smelling vaginal discharge, refrain from using this medication. Instead, immediate consultation with a healthcare professional is strongly advised, as these symptoms may potentially signify the presence of a more severe underlying infection. 

Uses and Dosage 

This product is intended solely for vaginal administration. Before and following its use, you should practice proper hand hygiene by thoroughly washing your hands. Ensure that this product does not come into contact with your eyes, and in the event of accidental eye contact, promptly rinse your eyes with copious amounts of water. Should eye irritation persist, promptly seek medical attention. 

The appropriate dosage of this medication is contingent upon your medical condition and your response to the treatment regimen. Typically, this medication is applied once daily at bedtime for a duration ranging from 1 to 7 nights, contingent upon the specific product being utilized or as directed by your healthcare provider. In the case of the single-dose tablet, it may be administered during daytime hours or at bedtime. 

For those employing the vaginal tablet, you can utilize either the provided applicator or your finger for tablet insertion. Precede by unwrapping the pill as per the packaging instructions. Assuming a reclined position with knees drawn toward the chest, insert the tablet or the applicator into the vaginal cavity to the extent of comfortable insertion. Gradually depress the applicator’s plunger to facilitate the tablet’s release. 

Side Effects 

The administration of this medication may be accompanied by potential side effects, including but not limited to:  

  • Headache 
  • Sensations of burning, itching, or discomfort in the vaginal or urethral areas 
  • Lower abdominal cramping 

If these adverse effects persist or exacerbate, notify your healthcare provider or pharmacist. 

Acknowledge that if your healthcare professional has prescribed this medication to you, they have assessed that the therapeutic benefits outweigh the potential risks of side effects. Many individuals who utilize this medication do not experience significant adverse reactions. 

While exceedingly rare, the occurrence of a severe allergic reaction to this drug cannot be entirely ruled out. In such an event, immediate medical attention is warranted if any indications of a robust allergic reaction manifest, including but not limited to the onset of rash, pronounced itching, swelling (particularly of the face, tongue, or throat), severe dizziness, or breathing difficulties. 

This listing does not encompass the entirety of conceivable side effects, and any unusual or adverse reactions should be discussed with your healthcare provider. 


Before commencing the use of this medication, communicate any allergies you may have, including hypersensitivity reactions to this product, other azole antifungal agents (e.g., terconazole, fluconazole), or any other known allergens, with your healthcare provider or pharmacist. This medication may contain inert components that have the potential to elicit allergic reactions or other adverse effects; thus, consult your pharmacist for comprehensive information on this matter. 

Individuals with specific medical conditions should exercise prudence and consult their healthcare provider or pharmacist before initiating this medication. Such conditions include diabetes, immune system disorders (such as HIV-AIDS), and a history of recurrent vaginal yeast infections (exceeding 3 occurrences in 6 months or 4 instances within a year). 

In anticipation of surgical procedures, inform your surgeon or dentist of all products you are currently using, encompassing both prescription and non-prescription medications and herbal supplements. 

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