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Teveten Plus (Eprosartan/hctz)

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Drug Description


Teveten Plus is prescribed for the management of hypertension, either as a standalone treatment or in combination with other medications. 

Teveten Plus contains two active ingredients: eprosartan, an angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB), and hydrochlorothiazide, a thiazide diuretic (water pill).  

Eprosartan works by inhibiting a body substance that induces blood vessel constriction, leading to vessel relaxation. This action decreases blood pressure and enhances blood and oxygen supply to the heart. Simultaneously, hydrochlorothiazide decreases body water content by promoting urine flow, contributing to blood pressure reduction. 

Uses and Dosage 

Thoroughly read the medication guide and patient information leaflet provided by your pharmacist before initiating Teveten Plus treatment and upon each prescription refill. Should you have any questions, seek guidance from your doctor or pharmacist. 

Teveten Plus dosage may vary per individual based on their medical conditions and response to the treatment. 

Typically, this medication is taken once daily as prescribed by the doctor, regardless of food intake. Taking it at least 4 hours before bedtime is recommended to prevent nighttime urination. 

For best results, take Teveten Plus exactly as directed at the same times each day. 

Continue to take this medication regularly even if you are not experiencing any symptoms, as many individuals with elevated blood pressure may not exhibit any signs of illness. 

Inform your doctor if your condition does not improve or deteriorate, such as if your blood pressure readings persist at high levels or increase. 

Side Effects 

Common Side Effects 

  • Abdominal discomfort 
  • Back pain 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Headache 
  • Runny or congested nose 
  • Sore throat 
  • Dry cough 

Tell your doctor if any of these common side effects continue or worsen. 

Serious Side Effects 

  • Chest pain or tightness 
  • Changes in urination frequency (increase or decrease) or absence of urination 
  • Eye pain 
  • Vision problems 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat 
  • Fainting 
  • Fever 

Tell your doctor right away if you exhibit any of the serious side effects above. 

Allergic Reactions 

Seek immediate medical attention if you exhibit signs of an allergic reaction to Teveten Plus, such as: 

  • Rash 
  • Itching or swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat) 
  • Severe dizziness 
  • Trouble breathing 

This list does not cover all potential side effects of Teveten Plus. If other effects not mentioned are observed, inform your doctor. 


Before starting treatment with Teveten Plus, inform your doctor if you have any known allergies, particularly to eprosartan, hydrochlorothiazide, or any of the inactive ingredients of this tablet. 

Inform your doctor of your medical history before taking Teveten Plus to assess its suitability for you, especially if you have a background of: 

  • Kidney disease 
  • Liver disease 
  • Dehydration 
  • Untreated electrolyte imbalance (e.g., high/low potassium, low magnesium, high calcium) 
  • Gout 
  • Lupus 
  • Skin cancer 

Inform your doctor about all your medications, including prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements, to prevent drug interaction with  Teveten Plus. 

Some of the products that may interact with Teveten Plus include: 

  • Aliskiren 
  • Dofetilide 
  • Lithium 
  • Drugs that could elevate blood potassium levels (e.g., sparsentan, ACE inhibitors like benazepril/lisinopril, and birth control pills containing drospirenone) 

Certain products contain ingredients that may elevate blood pressure or exacerbate heart failure. Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking cough-and-cold products, diet aids, or NSAIDs like ibuprofen/naproxen, and inquire about safe usage. 

If you are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs like cholestyramine or colestipol, ensure to take Teveten Plus either 4 hours before or 4 to 6 hours after these medications. 

Inform laboratory staff and healthcare providers about your use of Teveten Plus, as it can potentially disrupt specific lab tests and lead to inaccurate results. 

Teveten Plus may impact potassium levels. Consult a doctor before using potassium supplements or salt substitutes. 

Teveten Plus may cause dizziness. Refrain from activities requiring alertness, such as driving or operating machinery, until you can do so safely. 

The use of Teveten Plus heightens sun sensitivity and the risk of skin cancer. Minimize sun exposure, avoid tanning booths and sunlamps, and employ sunscreen and protective clothing when outdoors. Notify your doctor promptly if you encounter sunburn, skin blisters/redness, or notice new or changed moles/skin lesions. 

Teveten Plus may affect blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Regular monitoring and doctor consultation are recommended. Adjustments to medication, exercise, or diet may be necessary. 

Do not take Teveten Plus during pregnancy, as it poses a significant risk of serious harm, potentially fatal, to an unborn child. Consult your doctor to discuss the use of reliable forms of birth control before taking this medication, and promptly inform your doctor if you are planning, become, or suspect pregnancy. 

The transfer of eprosartan into breast milk is uncertain, while hydrochlorothiazide does pass into breast milk. Before breastfeeding, seek advice from your healthcare provider. 

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