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Topicort Gel (Desoximetasone)

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Drug Description


Topicort Gel is a topical medication used topically to treat various skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis, allergies, and rashes. When applied to the skin, the Gel helps to relieve symptoms associated with skin inflammation, such as redness, itching, and irritation.  

Topicort contains the active ingredient desoximetasone. Desoximetasone belongs to the class of medications known as topical corticosteroids, which have anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic (anti-itch) properties. It works by reducing inflammation, itching, and swelling in the affected area. 

Use and Dosage 

Topicort Gel should be applied to the affected area(s) of the skin as directed by your healthcare provider. It is usually applied once or twice daily, depending on the severity of the condition. Topicort Gel is for external use only and should not be applied to the eyes, mouth, or inside the nose. If accidental contact occurs, rinse the area with plenty of water. 

To use Topicort Gel, follow these general instructions: 

  1. Before applying the gel, make sure the skin is clean and dry. Gently wash the area with mild soap and water, then pat it dry. 
  2. Squeeze a small amount of gel onto your fingertip or directly onto the affected area. Use enough to cover the entire area with a thin layer. Avoid applying too much, as it may increase the risk of side effects. 
  3. Using clean hands, gently massage the gel into the affected area until it is absorbed. Make sure to cover the entire area evenly. 
  4. After applying the gel, wash your hands thoroughly to remove any residue. This will help prevent accidentally spreading the medication to other areas of the body. 
  5. Use Topicort Gel as directed by your healthcare provider. The frequency of application and duration of treatment will depend on the severity of your condition. Do not exceed the prescribed dosage or use the gel for longer than recommended. 
  6. Your healthcare provider may provide specific instructions based on your condition. Follow these instructions carefully for optimal results and to minimize the risk of side effects. 

Avoid using Topicort Gel on open wounds or broken skin. The gel is meant for intact skin only. If you have any open wounds or broken skin, consult with your healthcare provider for appropriate treatment options. 

Side Effects 

Common Side Effects  

  • Burning 
  • Follicle inflammation 
  • Itching 
  • Pustules 
  • Redness 

Serious Side Effects  

  • Blistering, burning, crusting, dryness, or flaking of the skin 
  • Irritation 
  • Itching, scaling, severe redness, soreness, or swelling of the skin 
  • Redness and scaling around the mouth 
  • Thinning of the skin with easy bruising, especially when used on the face or where the skin folds together (between the fingers) 
  • Thinning, weakness, or wasting away of the skin 


  • Allergic Reactions: If you have a known allergy to desoximetasone or any other corticosteroids, you should avoid using Topicort Gel. Allergic reactions can include skin rash, itching, swelling, or difficulty breathing. 
  • Skin Infections: Topical corticosteroids like Topicort Gel should not be used on skin that has an active infection, such as bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. Treat the underlying infection before using Topicort Gel. 
  • Underlying Conditions: Inform your healthcare provider about any underlying medical conditions you have, such as diabetes, thinning of the skin, or immune system disorders. These conditions may require special precautions or adjustments in treatment. 
  • Avoid Prolonged Use: Topicort Gel should be used for the shortest duration necessary to achieve symptom relief. Prolonged or excessive use can lead to skin thinning, discoloration, or other side effects. 
  • Children and Infants: Use caution when applying the gel on children or infants. The safety and effectiveness of the gel in pediatric populations may vary, and it is best to consult with a healthcare professional for appropriate guidance. 
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, discuss the use of Topicort Gel with your healthcare provider. They can assess the potential risks and benefits and provide guidance on its use during these periods. 
  • Interactions with Other Medications: Inform your healthcare provider about all the medications, including over-the-counter drugs, supplements, and herbal products that you are currently taking. Some medications may interact with the Gel, and your healthcare provider can advise on any necessary precautions or adjustments. 
  • Withdrawal Symptoms: Prolonged use of topical corticosteroids like the Gel can sometimes lead to withdrawal symptoms when the medication is discontinued abruptly.  
  • Systemic Absorption: Although Topicort Gel is intended for topical use, a small amount of the medication can be absorbed into the bloodstream. This can potentially lead to systemic side effects, especially if large areas of the body are treated or if the medication is used for an extended period. Inform your healthcare provider if you experience any unusual symptoms or side effects. 
  • Use on Broken or Damaged Skin: Avoid applying Topicort Gel on broken or damaged skin, as it may increase the absorption of the medication and potentially lead to systemic side effects. Allow the skin to heal before using the gel. 
  • Sun Exposure: Topical corticosteroids can increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight. Protect the treated area from excessive sun exposure or use sunscreen to minimize the risk of sunburn.  

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