Multistix (Bayer Reagent - non Rx) Medication

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Drug Description


These test strips are commonly used in healthcare settings and by individuals for urinalysis, which is the urine examination to obtain information about a person’s health. Multistix Bayer reagent strips are mainly designed for the semi-quantitative analysis of various substances in urine. 

Multistix Bayer reagent strips test for various urine parameters, including pH, glucose, protein, ketones, blood, bilirubin, urobilinogen, nitrites, and leukocytes. They change color or react with substances in the urine, allowing for a quick health assessment. However, they are not a replacement for medical evaluation, and abnormal results should be discussed with a healthcare provider. 

Uses and Dosage 

Using Multistix Bayer reagent strips for urinalysis is relatively straightforward. Here are the general steps for using these test strips: 

Materials Needed: 

  • Multistix Bayer reagent strips 
  • A clean and dry container for collecting a urine sample 
  • A timer or watch 
  • The color chart provided with the test strips (usually found on the strip container) 

To use Multistix Bayer reagent strips, follow these steps: 

  1. Collect a fresh urine sample in a clean container, preferably midstream. 
  2. Remove one strip from the packaging, handle it carefully, and dip it into the urine. Ensure the reagent areas are fully immersed without submerging the entire strip holder. 
  3. Wait for the specified time (usually 1-2 minutes) as indicated in the instructions for each parameter. 
  4. After the waiting time, remove the strip, let excess urine drip off, and compare the color changes to the provided chart. 
  5. Record the results for each parameter tested and interpret them based on the chart. 
  6. Dispose of the used strip and container according to local regulations. 

Remember that these strips offer valuable information but are not a substitute for a comprehensive medical assessment. Abnormal results should be discussed with a healthcare provider for proper guidance. 

Side Effects 

Using Multistix Bayer reagent strips for urinalysis is generally considered safe and does not typically have side effects when used as directed. These test strips are designed for single use and come into brief contact with a urine sample. The chemicals on the strips are meant to react with specific substances in the urine to produce color changes or reactions for analysis. 


When using Multistix Bayer reagent strips for urinalysis: 

  • Handle with clean, dry hands to prevent contamination. Avoid touching the reagent areas. 
  • Use fresh urine collected in a clean container, preferably midstream. 
  • Follow the provided instructions, including dipping times for each parameter. 
  • Check the expiration date to ensure accuracy. 
  • Use each strip only once; do not reuse. 
  • Use separate strips for different parameters. 
  • Interpret results using the color chart provided. 
  • Consult a healthcare provider for abnormal results or health concerns. 
  • Be cautious if you have known allergies to strip chemicals. 
  • Store unused strips out of children’s reach to prevent accidental ingestion or misuse. 

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Bayer Reagent – non Rx




10 SG

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