Needle BD Blunt Needle Filter (Needle - non Rx) Medication


Needle BD Blunt Needle Filter (Needle - non Rx)

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Drug Description


Needle BD Blunt Needle Filter is used to draw up medication from ampoules and is specifically designed with a 45° bevel to minimize needlestick injuries during the medicine preparation. 

In addition, Needle BD Blunt Needle Filter features a filter with a 5-micron membrane to keep out any solid particles from the liquid solution, particularly tiny fragments of glass, when ampoules are opened. 

Uses and Dosages 

Before unwrapping a pack of Needle BD Blunt Needle Filter, verify the type of syringe tip you have, as this Blunt Needle Filter is compatible only with luer lok and luer slip syringes. 

To properly use this Blunt filter needle: 

  1. Begin by washing your hands. 
  2. Attach the filter needle to the syringe, keeping the protective cap on. 
  3. Place the ampoule on a flat surface. 
  4. Tap the top of the ampoule to drain liquid from the neck. 
  5. Wrap an alcohol swab or gauze around the ampoule neck. 
  6. Point the ampoule away and break the neck with quick, firm pressure. 
  7. Dispose of the alcohol swab, gauze, and ampoule neck in a sharp’s container. 
  8. Uncover the filter needle and insert it into the ampoule opening without touching the rim. 
  9. Pull back the plunger to draw the medication into the syringe, keeping the needle below the liquid surface. 
  10. Remove the needle into the ampoule after drawing the desired amount. 
  11. Recap, detach and discard the filter needle. 
  12. Attach a non-filter needle to adjust the volume and expel any air from the syringe. 


Avoid touching the metal tubing of the Needle BD Blunt Needle Filter to prevent cross-contamination between your fingers/gloves and the solution being extracted. Maintain its sterility by always gripping at the plastic base. 

Do not use Needle BD Blunt Needle Filter for skin injection.  

Dispose of Needle BD Blunt Needle Filter in a sharp’s disposal container, even if it may not penetrate materials as easily as hypodermic needles. 

Additional information

Generic name:

Needle – non Rx


Needle Filter


18G – 1 1/2inch

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