Novopen 5 (Novolin Pen 5 - non Rx) Medication


Novopen 5 (Novolin Pen 5 - non Rx)

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Drug Description


Novopen 5 is a reusable pen injector designed to facilitate easier self-administration of insulin for individuals with diabetes. 

Novopen 5 features a dose memory function, enabling patients to recall the previously administered unit count and the elapsed time since the injection. 

Novopen 5 is intended for use with the separately supplied Penfill cartridge 3ml and compatible needles such as NovoTwist, NovoFine, or NovoFine Plus. 

Uses and Dosage 

Prior to the initial use of Novopen 5, thoroughly review the provided user guide. Refrain from using it without appropriate training from your healthcare provider. 

Novopen 5 is available in two colors: silver and blue. If you use two kinds of insulin, use different colors for each type to avoid confusion and prevent potential serious medical issues. 

Adhere closely to the provided instructions for preparing Novopen 5.  

Ensure to verify the cartridge name and color before inserting it into Novopen 5 to confirm that it contains the appropriate insulin for your needs. 

If Novopen 5 is dropped, inspect the insulin cartridge for damage and replace it with a new one if needed. 

Before use, test insulin flow to eliminate gaps and air bubbles, ensuring proper delivery through the needle. Refrain from using the pen if insulin does not discharge from the needle tip during flow testing. 

If the pen is accidentally twisted apart between injections, retest the insulin flow before proceeding with the next injection. 

To administer a dose, rotate the dose button to the desired dosage, then press the button. This pen can easily be turned forward and backward, allowing adjustment within a range of 1 to 60 units in 1-unit increments. 

To activate Novopen 5 memory, retract and then push the dose button. The central number represents the units last injected, while the four tick marks signify the hours that have passed since the last injection. 

Do not turn the button while checking your last dose, as doing so will overwrite the details from your previous dose.  


Individuals with impaired vision should refrain from using Novopen 5 and seek assistance from a trained person with good eyesight. 

Never share your Novopen 5 or cartridges with others, as this can lead to the potential spread of infections, even if the needle is changed. 

Clean Novopen 5 only with a mild detergent on a dampened cloth. Avoid washing, soaking, or lubricating it. 

Keep Novopen 5 away from direct sunlight and avoid exposure to dust, dirt, or liquid. If feasible, store the pen in its case. 

Avoid freezing Novopen 5 with the insulin cartridge attached or storing it in a refrigerator or near a cooling element.  

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Novolin Pen 5 – non Rx


Insulin Pen



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