Syringes BD Disposable (Syringe - non Rx) Medication


Syringes BD Disposable (Syringe - non Rx)

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Drug Description


BD offers a range of disposable syringes that are sterile and designed for single-use. These syringes are part of BD’s commitment to safety and quality in injection devices. These Disposable syringes are commonly used in healthcare settings for various purposes, such as administering medications, vaccines, or other substances, as well as for withdrawing body fluids for diagnostic testing. 

Use and Dosage 

To use BD Disposable Syringes, ensure that the syringe package is unopened and sterile. Check the expiration date and integrity of the packaging. Do not use it if the package is damaged or expired.  

Before handling the syringe, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination. Open the package of the BD Disposable Syringe and carefully remove the syringe, being cautious not to touch the tip or plunger. If using the syringe for injection purposes, you may need to attach a needle. Pull back the plunger of the syringe to draw the required amount of medication or substance into the syringe. Ensure accurate measurements by aligning the desired volume with the scale markings on the clear barrel. Hold the syringe with the needle pointing upward and tap the barrel gently to move any trapped air bubbles towards the needle. Slowly push the plunger to expel the air until a small drop of the medication is visible at the needle tip. Position the needle at the desired injection site and insert it smoothly at the appropriate angle, as instructed by a healthcare professional or according to your specific injection technique. Depress the plunger slowly and steadily to administer the medication. 

After use, place the used syringe in a puncture-resistant container specifically designed for medical waste disposal. Follow local regulations and guidelines for proper disposal of medical waste. 


  • Single-Use Only: Disposable syringes are intended for single-use only. Do not reuse a syringe or needle, even if it appears to be clean or has been sterilized. Reusing syringes can increase the risk of contamination, infection, and needlestick injuries. 
  • Proper Disposal: After use, dispose of the syringe and needle in an appropriate puncture-resistant container. Follow local regulations and guidelines for the safe disposal of medical waste. Do not dispose of syringes in regular trash bins or recyclable containers. 
  • Handle with Care: Syringes have sharp needles that can cause injuries if not handled properly. Always exercise caution when handling and using syringes to prevent accidental needlestick injuries to yourself or others. 
  • Avoid Needlestick Injuries: Take precautions to prevent needlestick injuries, such as using safety-engineered devices, proper disposal techniques, and following safe injection practices. This helps protect healthcare workers and others from potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens. 
  • Follow Instructions: Read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for the specific disposable syringe model you are using. This includes proper assembly, attachment of needles, and correct volume measurements.  

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Syringe – non Rx




1.5 x 22G

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