Dulera Inhaler (Mometasone Furoate/Formoterol Fumarate) Medication


Dulera Inhaler (Mometasone Furoate/Formoterol Fumarate)

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Generic Alternative - Dulera Inhaler (Mometasone Furoate/Formoterol Fumarate)

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Table of contents:

Drug Description


The Dulera Inhaler is a pharmaceutical product specifically designed for the management and prevention of asthma symptoms, such as wheezing and shortness of breath. It comprises two active ingredients, namely mometasone, and formoterol. Mometasone falls under the category of corticosteroids, a class of drugs known for their anti-inflammatory properties. By mitigating irritation and reducing airway swelling, mometasone effectively contributes to symptom control.  

On the other hand, formoterol belongs to the long-acting beta-agonists drug class, which functions by inducing relaxation in the muscles surrounding the airways, resulting in their dilation and facilitating improved respiration.  

Note that the diligent management of breathing difficulties through symptom control can significantly minimize productivity losses stemming from absences from work or school. While long-acting beta-agonists used in isolation, such as formoterol, have been associated with a remote possibility of serious asthma-related breathing complications, the combined application of inhaled corticosteroids and long-acting beta-agonists, as exemplified by this product, does not pose an elevated risk in this regard. To ensure the safe and effective utilization of this medication, acquire a thorough understanding of the correct administration techniques.  

In the event of an asthma attack, employ the prescribed quick-relief inhaler, such as albuterol (or salbutamol in certain regions). For further guidance, please refer to the How to Use section. 

Uses and Dosage 

You must ensure proper administration of the inhaler for optimal effectiveness. Prior to each use, thoroughly shake the inhaler to facilitate adequate dispersion of the medication. Remove the cap and proceed to inhale the prescribed dosage orally, as directed by your physician. Typically, this entails usage twice daily, in the morning and evening. Always ensure that the cap is securely replaced after each inhalation. 

If your prescribed dosage consists of two puffs, allow at least one minute to elapse between each puff. If you are concurrently using other inhalers, wait at least one minute between the administration of each medication, with this particular drug being used last. 

To prevent the occurrence of dry mouth, hoarseness, and oral yeast infections, gargle and rinse your mouth with water after each use, subsequently spitting out the rinse water. Do not swallow the rinse water. 

For maintenance and hygiene purposes, clean the exterior of the inhaler’s mouthpiece once a week using a dry tissue. Avoid using water or other liquids for this purpose and refrain from disassembling the inhaler. 

Side Effects 

Common Side Effects

Some common side effects of this medication may include:  

  • Nasal congestion 
  • Hoarseness 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Throat irritation 

If any of these side effects persist or worsen, inform your doctor. 

Severe Side Effects

Remember that your doctor has prescribed this medication because they have determined that the benefits outweigh the potential risks of side effects. Many individuals who use this medication do not experience serious side effects. 

However, if you experience any severe side effects, contact your doctor immediately. Examples of serious side effects include:  

  • Presence of white patches on the tongue or inside the mouth 
  • Signs of infection (such as a persistent sore throat or fever) 
  • Changes in mental/mood state (such as feelings of nervousness) 
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Vision problems (such as blurred vision) 
  • Increased thirst or urination 
  • Muscle cramps 
  • Trembling (tremors) 

Your doctor should be promptly informed of any such symptoms. 


Prior to initiating the use of this medication, disclose your complete medical history to your doctor or pharmacist. This includes any current or past infections, such as tuberculosis or herpes. inform them about any pre-existing conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease (including chest pain, heart attack, or irregular heartbeat), overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism), seizures, bone loss (osteoporosis), eye problems (such as cataracts or glaucoma), diabetes, swelling of an artery (aneurysm), or a specific tumor of the adrenal gland known as pheochromocytoma. Providing this comprehensive medical history will enable your healthcare provider to assess the potential implications and determine the appropriate course of action regarding your treatment. 

Additional information

Generic name:

Mometasone Furoate/Formoterol Fumarate


Inhalation Aerosol


100/5mcg, 200/5mcg

Quantities Available:

120doses, 240doses, 360doses

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