Durolane (Hyaluronic acid, stabilized) Medication


Durolane (Hyaluronic acid, stabilized)

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Drug Description


Durolane exhibits an analogical composition to the synovial fluid enveloping the body’s joints, thereby fulfilling the vital functions of lubrication and shock absorption within the joint structure. Its application is specifically intended for alleviating knee pain originating from osteoarthritis, particularly in cases where alternative pharmacological interventions targeting arthritis have proven ineffective. Moreover, note that Durolane may possess therapeutic applications beyond those explicitly enumerated within this medication guide. 

Uses and Dosage 

Durolane is administered via direct injection into the knee joint, a procedure conducted exclusively by healthcare professionals. Note that a solitary administration of Durolane has been demonstrated to offer substantial pain relief for individuals afflicted with knee osteoarthritis for a duration of up to 26 weeks. 

In order to mitigate pain and reduce swelling, you should adhere to your physician’s recommendations, which may include resting the knee or applying ice for a brief period subsequent to the injection. carefully review all pertinent patient information, medication guides, and instruction sheets provided to you. Should any queries arise, consult your doctor or pharmacist for clarification. 

Inform your doctor if there is no improvement in your symptoms or if they deteriorate over time. 

Side Effects 

The utilization of Durolane can potentially lead to severe side effects. Immediate medical attention should be sought if the following symptoms occur after the injection: 

Intense pain or swelling around the knee. 

Common side effects associated with Durolane may include: 

  • Sensations of warmth, pain, redness, stiffness, bruising, or puffiness at the injection site 
  • Nausea and stomach pain 
  • Difficulties with walking 
  • Swelling in the hands or feet 
  • Back, joint, or muscle pain 
  • Numbness or a tingling sensation 
  • Headache or dizziness 
  • Runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, or a sore throat 

Note that the aforementioned lists of side effects are not exhaustive, and there may be reactions that can occur. If you experience any unexpected symptoms or adverse effects, consult your healthcare professional. 


The administration of Durolane is contraindicated in individuals who demonstrate hypersensitivity to the product or those who have an ongoing infection in the knee joint or in the surrounding skin. 

Note that the use of Durolane has not been approved for individuals under the age of 21. 

Inform your doctor if you have a history of blood clots or circulation issues in your legs. disclose your pregnancy status to your doctor, as the potential effects of Durolane on an unborn baby have not been established. 

If you are currently breastfeeding, consult your doctor regarding any potential risks associated with the use of this medication. 

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Hyaluronic acid, stabilized





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