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August 2015
How To Fight Iron Deficiency
July 2015
5 Types Of Food Personalities You Ought To Know
June 2015
How Exercise Can Help Relieve Depression and Arthritis
February 2015
New Drug to Reverse Cofnitive Decline
April 2013
Anti-Cancer Properties and Soybeans
Learn more about the power of soybeans and its anti-cancer properties.
March 2013
Stand Tall: Why Your Posture is Important
Did you ever get scolded for slouching? Well it's because your causing your health some harm when you don't stand up straight.
February 2013
Protect your Heart's Health
Step away from the meat and walk up to a serving of fruit if your hoping to maintain a healthy heart.
January 2013
Prevent Cold and Flu Symptoms this Year
Dont be attacked by the cold and flu bug, avoid it with all the necessary precuations.
December 2012
Christmas Time Allergies
Learn about all the christmas themed objects that could be truly causing your allergies this season.
November 2012
Benefits of Rave Drugs on Depression
The solution to uplifting depressed individuals is in rave drugs.
October 2012
Treating Your Child to Harshly
Parents are allowing pediatricians to prescribe antipsychotic drugs for behavioural problems.
September 2012
Not All Medication FDA Approved
It would be assumed if your buying a medication it has been approved for your condition, however, this is not always the case.
August 2012
In-Born Addiction
More and more children are being born with an addiction to drugs due to their mothers exposure to opioids during pregnancy
July 2012
Stop Stressing or You Will Break Out
It is well known that a leading factor of acne in adult women is stress, however, how is it that stress can increases the amount of acne which is experienced?
June 2012
Stop Stressing or You Will Break Out
It is well known that a leading factor of acne in adult women is stress, however, how is it that stress can increases the amount of acne which is experienced?
May 2012
Pesticides On Your Food – The Dangers and Solutions
The dangers which your food may be exposed to can be causing your health problems. Learn how to prevent these dangers from attacking your health.
April 2012
Stop Stressing or You Will Break Out
It is well known that a leading factor of acne in adult women is stress, however, how is it that stress can increases the amount of acne which is experienced?
February 2012
Embrace the Future, Love Life
We're well into 2012, but if you're already thinking forward to future years, it may interest you to know some easy methods for living longer.
January 2012
New Year, Brand New Way to Stay Healthy
A new year is upon us, which means a fresh look at your health. Learn about the health benefits of white apples.
December 2011
Keep Up With the Holiday Season
Santa always has his presents; he’s always prepared; he never gets sick; and he has endless time—doesn’t seem quite fair, does it?
November 2011
What's Happening With SOPA?
Two bills currently in circulation on Capitol Hill named PROTECT IP and SOPA will block your right to access affordable medication from our accredited online pharmacy,
October 2011
Wake Up to Snoring
Having trouble getting a good night's sleep? Odds are that snoring may be impacting your sleep. Check out a number of ways to help you curb your snoring below.
September 2011
Be Happy, Falls Coming
With summer winding down and the days starting to get shorter, try to stay positive and optimistic. Be sure to stay happy because bitterness can lead to illness.
August 2011
The Sun is Coming Straight for You
Summer is almost over and back to school commericals are on their way. It's the last month to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures before the leaves fall off from the once green trees.
July 2011
With Old Age Comes Retirement
Read about when is it time to stop working and how you know if its time for you to retire or not.
June 2011
Soak Up the Sun and Water
Keep your body protected from the sun and keep hydrated. Don't hydrate your body with vitamin water but with actual purified water.

Press release

April 12, 2012 Hails National Bureau of Economic Research Study
Study Shows Drugs Purchased from Verified Foreign Online Pharmacies Provide Safety and Savings, Suggesting that and Other CIPA Certified Online Pharmacies Dispense the Same Drugs as U.S. Based Pharmacies.

March 13, 2012

New Video from Quality Prescription Drugs Helps Patients Buy Prescriptions Online
Quality Prescription Drugs has released a new video that shows a detailed demonstration of how to buy drugs online at their site from the initial search to the final payment.

June 23, 2011

Qualityprescriptiondrugs supports
As a respected and fully certified online pharmacy, QualityPrescriptionDrugs fully supports and the actions they take to protect Americans’ Health Care.

May 05, 2011

Seniors Suffer Prescription Challenges: Dosing and Affordability
Prescription costs in the US are increasingly unaffordable and as such patients are advised to seek a reputable online pharmacy such as QualityPrescriptionDrugs.

PR Newswire
May 03, 2011

Quality Prescription Drugs is Now Certified by BuySAFE.
Quality Prescription Drugs allows patients to shop without worrying by providing a BuySAFE guarantee when shopping for affordable prescription medication online.

Pr Newswire
April 4, 2011

Leading Online Pharmacy Providing Affordable Care Even to Insured Americans
QualityPrescriptionDrugs is a legal online pharmacy recognized by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) as a reputable source for genuine and affordable medications.

PR Newswire
October 21,2010

Americans Struggling to Afford Medications Find Financial Relief in Canadian Online Pharmacies, says Quality Prescription Drugs
In the struggle to get the critical prescription medication they need, many Americans are forced to look to online pharmacies like for relief from over-priced US medications.

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August 26,2010

It Can be Cheaper to Buy Medications from a Canadian Online Pharmacy - Even With Insurance
High prescription drug pricing across the US has made healthcare unaffordable. Even patients with medical insurance look for alternatives in Canadian online pharmacies such as

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