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New Drug to Reverse Cofnitive Decline

Imagine an age when cognitive decline is a thing of the past. As we age, most of us tend to experience some degree of decrease in cognitive function. But it is when these symptoms turn into diseases, like Alzheimer’s, that it becomes very serious. Today, there are researchers from the University of Florida who claim to have a potential cure for reversing cognitive decline in adults. Sound ambitious? Yes. But they do back up their claim with good evidence.

The Study – One Step Closer to a Cure

The study, which was published in the Journal of Neuroscience, was led by Professor Jennifer Bizon. She explains that the type of memory responsible for remembering day-to-day things is called “Working Memory”. People use this memory for everyday things, like calculating a bill or managing finances. But in order for these functions to work properly, there needs to be a right balance of chemicals interacting in the brain.

They study discovered that high levels of inhibitory brain neurotransmitters known as “GABA,” disrupted working memory. A normal GABA level will allow regular cell activation in the brain, but an overdose of GABA will cause cells to become too active (something that is often associated with epilepsy or schizophrenia).

Researchers created a drug that is designed to block GABA receptors in the brain – which will support active memory. Although the drug is not ready to be tested on human trials, additional development and research is being placed on making it better. Eventually, the research team hopes that a safe drug can be developed to treat seniors experiencing cognitive decline.

Drugs, like the ones being produced at the University of Florida, will be able to step in and produce amazing results. Once perfected, this drug will make the lives of seniors far more enjoyable as they can experience greater cognitive function- even in old age.



-BS Pharm, PharmD, RPh

Dr. Paul Zickler is a graduate of the University of Wester Ontario in 1972. After graduating from the faculty of medicine, Dr. Zickler practiced as an Emergency Physician for 18 years. He has then operated ambulatory medical and travel clinics for 12 years. Dr. Zickler has become an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of British Columbia, a Director of Professional Programs for the Justice Institute of British Columbia (paramedic academy), a principal investigator for Phase 2 and 3 studies researching vaccines, and a founding member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. Dr. Zickler is passionate about combining western prescription medicine and natural medicines.

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