How To Fight Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiencies are actually the most popular deficiency known to humans according to the Center for Disease Control. The function of iron is to help our blood cells carry oxygen throughout our body. It also stores oxygen for our body to use later. You’ve probably noticed the telltale red...

5 Types Of Food Personalities You Ought To Know

The Affordable Care Act is putting in all the efforts possible to make sure that people who otherwise would not be able to pay for health insurance get it at more affordable rates. However, many of the popular plans involve high co-pays and deductibles..

Anti-Cancer Properties and Soybeans

When you think of cancer-fighting foods, typically the kind of things that come to mind include green tea, leafy greens and even garlic. But according to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, there could be a new contender to this list: soybeans.

Christmas Time Allergies

Why does Santa have a red nose and red cheeks? Is it because it's cold in the North Pole or he had too much eggnog? It's possible that Santa, like so many Americans, is suffering from some kind of allergy. Winter allergies can cause havoc in the holiday plans...

Benefits of Rave Drugs on Depression

The vast majority of 'raves' have drugs circulating about. A lot more than Tylenol. Rave drugs can affect the brain in profound ways, producing euphoria and psychedelic experiences that modern rave-goers chase after. These drugs can be dangerous, but also hold hidden promise. At least, that's what researchers are saying about...