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Category: Quality Prescription Drugs News

Pharmaceutical Companies Have the Impunity to Hike Up Drug Prices

Valeant Pharmaceuticals have been recently singled out for their despicable practices. Their malevolent business strategies have made the news, but it does not alter the fact that numerous other pharmaceutical companies participate in the same practices.

US Confirms CIPA Approved Canadian Pharmacies Safe Option for Prescription Drugs

A survey conducted by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association explores reasons behind Americans continuing to utilize online licensed Canadian pharmacies when ordering prescription medications.  Nearly 2,700 Americans participated in the study with 64 percent say they purchase maintenance medications...

3 Facts About Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

Erectile dysfunction (ED), although may be a sensitive subject among men, can indicate your heart might not be as vivacious as it once was. Viagra might have saved you from some embarrassment in the bedroom but the problem extends...

Your Rights to Affordable Online Prescriptions is at Risk

Everyday you go onto your computer and stumble across many websites. These websites end with the domains .com, .org, and sometimes .net. By the end of this year, you will come across websites that end with various domains, including...

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