6 Things to Know About Prescription Medication

Prescription medications are usually required when one cannot treat an illness with over the counter medication. Prescription medications are prescribed by a patient’s doctor and their use is highly specific according to the patient. A prescription contains precise details in regards to dosage and instructions due to the danger...

How to Properly Use Over-the-counter Drugs

When purchasing medications at your local pharmacy, the wide variety of drugs can be sorted into two basic categories: prescription and over the counter (OTC) drugs. There are many common diseases or conditions that can be managed or treated early on with some OTC medication. Due to the use...

Easy Access and Easy Danger of Prescription Drugs

Medicine cabinets used to be the easiest avenue for teenagers to acquire prescription drugs.  Outdated counteractive measures to restrict teenagers’ access to prescription drugs included counting pills, responsible disposal methods, and locking cabinets have been replaced with concerns about combating illegitimate online pharmacies as the new source for drugs.