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Category: Press Releases Hails National Bureau of Economic Research Study

A March 2012 Study Published by the National Bureau of Economic Research Shows Drugs Purchased from Verified Foreign Online Pharmacies Provide Safety and Savings. In Contrast to FDA Recommendations, this Study Suggests and Other CIPA Certified Online Pharmacies...

New Video from Quality Prescription Drugs Helps Patients Buy Prescriptions Online

As the Cost of Prescription Medications Continues to Rise in the United States, Many Americans are Turning to Online Pharmacies as an Affordable Alternative. Yet, Some Customers are Not Confident or Comfortable Shopping Online, So Quality Prescription Drugs has...

QualityPrescriptionDrugs Supports

As Congress and the White House Debate How to Protect Americans from Fraudulent Pharmacies, Lee Graczyk, the Lead Organizer of, Took to the Radio to Explain the Difference Between Good and Bad Online Pharmacies and to Encourage Americans...

Seniors Suffer Prescription Challenges: Dosing and Affordability

Today, Senior Patients are Taking More Medications than Ever and Research Shows Two Common Problems are Emerging. First, Many Seniors are Easily Confused about Dosing Instructions Leading to Misuse of Prescription Medications. In Addition, Prescription Costs in the US...

Quality Prescription Drugs is Now Certified by BuySAFE.

Quality Prescription Drugs allows patients to shop without worrying by providing a BuySAFE guarantee when shopping for affordable prescription medication online.

Leading Online Pharmacy Providing Affordable Care Even to Insured Americans

QualityPrescriptionDrugs is a Leading Source for Safe, Affordable Canadian Prescriptions. As Insurance Companies in the United States are Increasing Deductibles and Reducing the Range of Drugs Covered by their Policies, it is No Longer Only the Uninsured Seeking Reputable...

Americans Struggling to Afford Medications Find Financial Relief in Canadian Online Pharmacies, says Quality Prescription Drugs

In the struggle to get the critical prescription medication they need, many Americans are forced to look to online pharmacies like for relief from over-priced US medications.

It Can be Cheaper to Buy Medications from a Canadian Online Pharmacy – Even With Insurance

High prescription drug pricing across the US has made healthcare unaffordable. Even patients with medical insurance look for alternatives in Canadian online pharmacies such as

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