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3 Facts About Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

Erectile dysfunction (ED), although may be a sensitive subject among men, can indicate your heart might not be as vivacious as it once was. Viagra might have saved you from some embarrassment in the bedroom but the problem extends much beyond the inability to have sex. Evidence suggests that erectile dysfunction, caused by depression, low testosterone, nerve problems and some medications, can actually be a precursor to heart disease.

Here are 3 facts you may not have known about ED and heart disease:

1. The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis involves the incapability of blood vessels to dilate properly as a result of cholesterol buildup. High levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream causes a deposit in the blood vessels, narrowing them and constricting blood flow. At one point, blood flow is completely obstructed leading to a heart attack.

2. A population-based study conducted by Australian Public Library of Science (PLOS) related to men aged 45 and over in New South Wales revealed that men suffering from erectile dysfunction faced increased risks of heart disease, vascular disease and even death than their non-ED counterparts. Even more staggering is that about 2300 men from the sample actually lost in a heart battle at the end of the study period.

3. Astonishingly, one in five men above 40 is likely to suffer from moderate or severe erectile dysfunction. This can mean that one in five men above 40 is likely to suffer from heart disease at one point in their lives.
So if you are suffering from sexual anxiety, rely on Viagra, and frequently encounter blood pressure problems, you might want to just see your doctor to check that your heart is functioning at its best.

Of course, maintaining a healthy sex life as well as good overall health is important. Seeing a doctor when you feel you might be at risk for health conditions, like heart disease, may result in purchasing prescription drugs – and we all know that prescription drugs have the potential to become costly.

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Dr. Paul Zickler is a graduate of the University of Wester Ontario in 1972. After graduating from the faculty of medicine, Dr. Zickler practiced as an Emergency Physician for 18 years. He has then operated ambulatory medical and travel clinics for 12 years. Dr. Zickler has become an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of British Columbia, a Director of Professional Programs for the Justice Institute of British Columbia (paramedic academy), a principal investigator for Phase 2 and 3 studies researching vaccines, and a founding member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. Dr. Zickler is passionate about combining western prescription medicine and natural medicines.

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