January 27, 2010

Weight Loss – How Different Colors Can Help

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Color psychology has been used as therapy by several ancient cultures in the form of chromotherapy, essentially allowing the colors to heal. While this may seem to be absolutely ridiculous in the light of modern science, chromotherapy is still used today, in the form of light therapy and additionally for other alternative treatments.

Each color in the rainbow is perceived as slightly different by every person; however the moods created by each color are universal within our society, they are constantly used as symbols in poetry and literature, or in attention grabbing advertisements. Every road sign and billboard color is specifically designed to attract your attention and affect your subconscious desires.

How Different Colors Can Help You in Losing Weight:

Blue – It’s the color of the sky, the ocean, and that pair of jeans that you’ve got hiding in the closet. It’s a color that provokes calmness and serenity within a person. Many men and women tend to prefer blue over any other color. Although the color blue usually depicts sadness, it also has been proven to lessen your appetite. If you’re trying to lose weight, eating off of blue plates will subconsciously lessen your desire to eat, and help you to control your diet.

Red – The color red is generally associated with strong emotions, including anger and love. Within some ancient cultures, red was believed to improve circulation and stimulate the body, however, in modern day medicine; the color red is rarely associated with either of these. Despite its association with rage and other strong emotions, red is the most appetizing color, and by avoiding different red foods, you can improve you weight loss more easily, as you are not as subconsciously attracted to them.

Bright Colors – Any bright color is bound to draw attention, a ploy which the advertising industry uses quite effectively. Bright colors tend to evoke enthusiasm, and will subconsciously motivate you towards them. Finding brightly colored fitness attire that is comfortable and makes you feel good is an easy way to increase your physical activity, and in doing so, lose weight.

Changing the colors in your dining ware, food choices and wardrobe may not necessarily have a large impact on your weight loss, however, if you’re going to lose weight, you may as well have a fun (and colorful) time doing it!

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