June 8, 2010

Why Should I Get an Eye Examination?

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Often eye examinations are neglected and are not seen as being necessary. Most people think that if any changes in vision do occur then they will notice it. However, eye exams are able to detect eye diseases in addition to changes in vision. This becomes especially important because many harmful eye diseases do not have any symptoms even though they are present.

For example, a disease called Glaucoma causes complete vision loss and is usually not detected by the affected person until it has become severe. In addition to eye diseases, eye examinations can also detect tumors or other diseases associated with the brain in early stages.

Furthermore, most people who have lived with uncorrected vision for a long period of time do not realize that their vision is lacking. This is why some say that after getting glasses they saw a whole new world. In children, uncorrected vision can cause developmental problems. It begins with trouble reading and thus learning and can have very serious outcomes.

The average person should get an eye exam done every two years. A person  experiencing frequent vision changes should go every year in order to update his or her prescription.