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Is Organic Food Better For You?

A lot of people argue that there are more benefits to organic food than any other type. Is that true?

Overall, probably. But in a tough economy, it is a little more expensive. If you are more worried about health and longevity, then you can’t overlook the benefits that organic food provides.

Before we get into why organic food is better for you lets first look at the definition so that you know the differences between organic food vs. non organic food:

Organic foods are made in a way that limits the use of synthetic materials during production.

Doesn’t it just seem more natural to not be eating as many synthetic materials?

The Benefits of Organic Foods

No Chemicals – One of the reasons why a lack of chemicals is a good thing on organic food is because the pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides can soak into the food before it can get washed off. This means that at some point you will be pesticides or other chemicals.

Not Genetically Modified – Have you ever eaten an orange right off the tree? If you have, then you know they are not perfectly orange. In most cases they are light green. Most people find light-green oranges unappetizing. But, this is what all oranges look like, naturally. Know that many food distributors will genetically modify non organic food to hide imperfections Your food may not be as good for you as it looks.

No Irradiation – Did you know that many farmers will use an x-ray machine in order to kill pathogens on food? This may sounds like a good idea, but the biggest problem is that it doesn’t kill all the pathogens and it leaves radiation in the food. So what happens when you eat x-ray blasted food? Studies have shown that any residual radiation can soak into your body. This is never a good thing. Although it has yet to be confirmed, many scientists believe that this will actually increase the odds of a consumer getting cancer.

Scientists have not come out and stated for a fact that organic food is better. Mainly, they don’t have enough solid evidence.

Yes, organic food does seem to be better for your body. However, the study of organic food has not been going on for that long to determine whether or not it will improve your health or your lifespan.

This is one decision you will have to make according to your own evaluations.

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