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Safe Online CIPA Pharmacies

Consumers who need prescription medications know that the prices can be devastating to the family’s finances. Many people have to sacrifice other needs just to have the money to afford necessary medications. But there is a solution to the high prices of prescriptions: CIPA certified online pharmacies.

CIPA Pharmacies

CIPA, or the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, is an organization that certifies online Canadian pharmacies as safe and legitimate. The association is regulated and licensed by the government and are the authority in ensuring that CIPA pharmacies adhere to strict safety regulations.

Purchasing medication from a CIPA pharmacy is considered just as safe as purchasing medicine from your local pharmacy. The US National Bureau of Economic Research confirmed the CIPA pharmacy safety, but found one difference between CIPA prescriptions and local pharmacy prescriptions: the cost was drastically lower with CIPA.

How CIPA Benefits Americans

More than a million Americans use CIPA online pharmacies every year, the majority being senior citizens with fixed incomes. Due to the high cost of prescription drugs in the United States, many of these elderly patients had to sacrifice needs, like food, just to afford their medications. With CIPA certified pharmacies, consumers across the US are able to purchase prescription drugs for up to 80% less than what they would pay for locally.

CIPA Pharmacies

As an organization, CIPA has a flawless safety record. Their impeccable reputation has made their seal of certification a hot commodity amongst fraudulent online pharmacies. Pharmacies claiming to be safe and CIPA certified have displayed the CIPA seal, in order to appear legitimate, when in fact they are not. Although CIPA has taken a stand to combat these ‘rogue’ pharmacies, it is very important that you research any online pharmacy that you choose to purchase from. Just remember that a CIPA pharmacy will:

  • – Require a prescription from a licensed doctor
  • – Verify a prescription by your doctor
  • – Follow US mail guidelines
  • – Ask for patient information

Quality Prescription Drugs is a CIPA certified online Canadian pharmacy, and is happy to provide consumers across the US with affordable prescriptions.

To verify that a Canadian pharmacy is CIPA certified, click here.

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