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Scar Removal Remedies

Whether it’s from a childhood injury, teenage acne, or a recent injury, we all have scars to attest to our greatest triumphs and worst memories, and in some cases, we all have scars that we would really rather be rid of. Despite the fact that scars are recognized as a daily part of life, scarring isn’t actually a natural step in the body’s process of healing a wound. Scarring usually happens as a result of too much, or too little collagen integrated into the healing process. Collagen is the main protein found in the connective tissue that supports the skin, both in its regular function and regrowth process. There are many techniques that are easy to do at home that can help you to make any unwanted scarring less noticeable and in some cases, completely unapparent.

Home Remedies To Help Remove Unwanted Scars:

Almond Oil: Gently massaging almond oil into skin is an excellent moisturizer that will effectively reduce the appearance on any scars on your skin.

Tomato Juice: Tomato juice that has been extracted from fresh tomatoes is extremely good for curing skin pores. To use tomato juice to reduce scarring, apply freshly made tomato juice to all scarred areas.

Cucumber: Using cucumber extract for scar removal is especially effective in removing dark scars. You can use cucumber extract to remove scars by simply applying the extract to scarred areas and allowing your skin to absorb it for fifteen minutes. After the fifteen minutes have passed by, wash off any remaining cucumber extract with cold water.

Lemon or Lime Juice: Because lemons and limes contain citric acid, they are very effective in scar removal and cleaning skin pores. Lemon juice and lime juice work well as scar reducing agents when they are rubbed onto the affected part of skin after being cut in half.

Banana: Although it might seem a little strange, applying a mashed banana to your skin may additionally help to reduce unwanted scarring. To use the full effect of a banana in reducing skin blemishes, mash a ripened banana and gently apply the paste onto your scars, and leave the paste on your skin for seven minutes. After seven minutes, remove the paste by washing with cold water.

Patience is key with all of these home remedies, as it may take a few weeks before you see any signs of improvement. If you are unable to make any of these home remedies work, and you still feel the need to erase your scars, talk to your doctor about any medications that may decrease the pigmentation of your scars or about laser therapy as a treatment for your scars.

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