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The Symptoms of Infertility

Infertility is a major problem these days. If you and your significant other are trying to get pregnant, it’s important to know the symptoms of infertility.

If you and your partner have been having unprotected intercourse on a regular basis for at least six months without getting pregnant, then you may have to worry about infertility.

Men and women have some common symptoms there are differences too. It is a good idea to know both, as some partners will not openly admit they are experiencing the symptoms of infertility.

Remember, you are trying to achieve the same goal: pregnancy. Be open with your partner. If you experience these symptoms of infertility, then seek help.

Infertility is experienced in roughly 1 out of every 5 couples, so just know that it is not uncommon.

Symptoms of Infertility

As mentioned, there are many similar symptoms that both men and women experience, so let’s cover those first.

Two of the most common symptoms of infertility are rapid weight changes and skin complexion changes. Be on the watch for your weight changing significantly, without any drastic change in activity or diet. If your skin complexion changes too, without warning or lifestyle changes, then that could also be a sign.

Male Infertility Symptoms

Men have an easier time determining of they are infertile or not due in part to the fact that their bodies don’t go through as many stages as a women’s body will.

For example, some men will experience rapid hair loss, which is very uncommon. Women, on the other hand will experience mild hair loss every time they brush their hair.

That is not the only male infertility symptom though. Here is a list of others:

  • Small and firm testicles
  • Lowered sperm count
  • Different sexual desire
  • Erectile/ejaculation problems

These are some of the more common male infertility symptoms that men experience. If this is something you are struggling with, see your doctor today.

Infertility Symptoms in Women

One of the most common infertility symptoms in women is that their menstrual cycle will change rather quickly.

This can easily be monitored. If you notice a drastic change in menstrual cycle, you may want to get it checked out immediately.

If that is something that you are not experiencing, then the list below will show you some other common symptoms of infertility in women:

  • Change in sex drive
  • Rapid weight gain
  • pain during intercourse
  • Hair growth in odd places (upper lip, chest, chin and belly)
  • Discharge from breasts (as if you were breastfeeding)

There are many symptoms of infertility that you can watch for. Both men and women can be infertile, so seeing a doctor is paramount.

Just know that this is nothing to be ashamed of.

It is better to get to the cause of these symptoms rather than spend months trying to no avail.

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