February 1, 2017

Pregnancy Complications May Indicate Future Health Risks

Developing gestational diabetes during a pregnancy can usually be treated with proper care and maintenance. However, new research shows that complications like gestational diabetes, as well as other pregnancy complications, may affect a woman’s health later on in life [1].

The research showed that women who develop high blood pressure or diabetes during a pregnancy are at risk of developing some form of a cardiovascular disease, diabetes or hypertension later in life. The study points out the fact that a woman is under a lot of stress during a pregnancy and showing other conditions indicates that she may be at risk. Complications during a pregnancy can be considered a warning for chronic problems that may develop later on in their lives. To avoid these situations there are a number of things women can do to take preventative measures.

For instance, eating healthy is a perfect place to start. Limiting junk food and using more wholesome ingredients are excellent ways to add nutrition to your diet. Additionally, exercising and maintain a healthy weight contributes well to a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, having routine check-ups and consistently making efforts to maintain your health is an optimal goal that one can set to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

[1] Can Pregnancy Problems Signal Future Health Risks? Dallas, Mary Elizabeth. WebMd. Retrieved from: http://www.webmd.com/baby/news/20160926/can-pregnancy-problems-foretell-future-health-risks

August 12, 2010

Conceiving After a Miscarriage

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Having a miscarriage can be a very traumatic event for most women. Often women who were soon to be mothers are not able to move on after having lost their child. On the other hand, there are also many women who only realize they were pregnant after having a miscarriage or in some cases do not know at all. This type of miscarriage occurs so early that the women who is pregnant may not have even missed her first period yet.

A recent study was conducted where approximately 30 000 women were studied. The results have been derived from the years 1981- 2000 and from women who went to Scottish hospitals. The discovery made was that women who conceived within six months of their miscarriage were more likely to have a healthy pregnancy with little complication. It was found that the longer women waited after their miscarriage the more risks ad complications they were subject to.

Women who became pregnant within six months of their miscarriage had a better chance of delivering a baby without having a caesarean, having a baby of normal weight, and not delivering prematurely. They also had a 66% lower chance of having a miscarriage in comparison to women who waiting up to a year to become pregnant again.

As I mentioned before, women who have lost their child after having them in their womb for upwards of five months will probably take longer and wait until they have their next pregnancy. This occurs for a number of reasons. Many women grief for the child they lost and are just scared for their next pregnancy.

The results found from this study do not encourage women who have just had a miscarriage to jump into their next pregnancy even if they are not ready for it. It is predicted that these results are the way they are because women are just more careful right after having their miscarriage.