October 7, 2016

Why Drug Prices Need to be at the Next Debate for Presidential Candidates

election_map_usa_tick_TXTWith the second presidential debate almost upon us, it’s time to consider the topics that will be posed to the presidential candidates. The second debate follows the format of a town hall meeting and some of the questions will be taken from an online debate question list curated and voted on by the American public.

A group of patient advocates that represents the right of Americans to import prescription drugs is asking for support to raise the important issue of affordable medication to the candidates. This group includes the Campaign for Personal Prescription ImportationPharmacyChecker.comPrescription Justice Action Group,RxRights.org, and the publisher of TodaysSeniorsNetwork that currently represents over 4 million Americans. However the issues affect a much larger population, as 35 million Americans do not adhere to their prescription schedules due to the cost of their medication.

A poll by Kaiser Health revealed that voters care about a variety of health issues, including 51% stating that a candidate’s plan to address the cost of prescription drug prices has the ability to affect their vote. The poll also shows that voters tend to prioritize the candidate’s personal characteristics over their stance on prescription drug prices, nevertheless their plans are still important. The poll indicates that 58% of Clinton supporters places a high importance on the candidate’s plan to address prescription drug prices.

The advocacy groups are asking Americans to support the issue of prescription drug prices by voting on this important question on the Open Debate Coalition Forum. This is a chance to bring the issue of personal importation of medication to the forefront on a national stage.


September 27, 2016

6 Things to Know About Prescription Medication

young pharmacist suggesting medical drug to buyer in pharmacy drugstorePrescription medications are usually required when one cannot treat an illness with over the counter medication. Prescription medications are prescribed by a patient’s doctor and their use is highly specific according to the patient. A prescription contains precise details in regards to dosage and instructions due to the danger of misusing the drugs. Here are some tips for you when going to the pharmacy to get your prescriptions filled:

  • Mornings are the best time to get prescriptions filled.

You will save time if you get your prescription filled in the morning because pharmacies are generally less busy earlier in the day. Pharmacists will have more time to counsel you on how to properly take medication during less hectic hours.

  • Ensure you know your medical history and it is accurate.

This is a vital step because both your pharmacist and your family physician should have access to accurate medical information to provide you with medication that is safe for you.

  • Double check that the medication you receive corresponds to the original prescription.

It may be hard to read a doctor’s handwritten prescription, so it is advisable to make sure that the medication you are receiving matches the original prescription your doctor wrote.

  • Take safety precautions if there are children in your household.

Keep medication out of reach of your children at all times. Pharmacies also offer child-resistant lids to fend off curious children.

  • Make sure you are getting the right dosage.

Ensure that you receive the appropriate measuring equipment, especially when receiving a liquid medication. It is not advisable that you rely on the volume of your teaspoon at home or estimating the amount of medication you need.

  • Ask about how to store your medication safely.

Find out how your medication is to be stored. Leaving it in a bathroom cabinet is a common habit, but unsafe in most cases. This is due to the increased humidity and heat in the bathroom, which has a tendency to break down the ingredients in medication.

September 13, 2016

Why is Precision Medicine the Next Frontier?

Doctor and patient precision medicationThe idea of precision medicine is based on the fact that certain conditions, such as heart disease or cancer, do not behave the same way in everyone. Each patient’s body composition will vary and the ways a disease effects them will vary as well. The central idea behind precision medicine is to research these distinguishing effects.

Genetic makeup and environmental factors can affect your health, as well as the symptoms and treatments when you get sick. Thus, individual cases of the same condition may be treated in different ways.

It is becoming clearer that a single treatment option is not always suitable for a patient. For example, a treatment that shrinks one person’s tumor or ease one person’s arthritis symptoms may not have the same effect on another person. Precision medicine has an ideal image of the medical practice. “Picture this: You get detailed tests that can gauge how your arthritis or cancer differs from someone else’s. Then you get a treatment that’s tailored to you, rather than to anyone else” [1].

This phenomenon is precisely what precision medicines are all about; “matching the right drugs to the right people” [1]. While this idea is gaining popularity, it is not yet possible for many conditions or diseases. The field needs more research and testing, but there are promising concepts that may affect the medical field. Family physicians use standardized drugs to treat most conditions because it is the accepted method. Precision medicine aims to change that.

[1] Retrieved from: http://www.webmd.com/cancer/breakthrough-research-16/precision-medicine

August 30, 2016

How to Properly Use Over-the-counter Drugs

Pharmacy Pills When purchasing medications at your local pharmacy, the wide variety of drugs can be sorted into two basic categories: prescription and over the counter (OTC) drugs. There are many common diseases or conditions that can be managed or treated early on with some OTC medication. Due to the use of self-diagnosis, if your symptoms are new or worrisome, consult a healthcare professional.

For instance, if you are have a simple fever it may be beneficial to start periodic doses of acetaminophen. Acetaminophen or Tylenol is the most common OTC drug that works to reduce fevers and/or pain relief. If your general symptom is not helped or is deteriorating, you should consult a healthcare professional.

OTC medicines are sold off the shelf and do not require a doctor’s prescription. For instance, a common OTC drug is Reactine. This can be used for relief against common seasonal allergy symptoms. It provides short-term relief and is milder form of medicines used for allergic reactions. It is advisable that people take OTC medications when they already identified the cause of their symptoms and know that the chosen OTC drug will help them.

Although if a person tends to exhibit more severe symptoms and they cannot be controlled by common OTC medicines, it is advisable that they see a doctor. A doctor can then prescribe some medication which can be purchased at a local pharmacy. These prescription medications can only be purchased when a prescription from your doctor is available. And due to their stronger effect they may have more side effects depending on case to case. This is why a doctor’s consultation is necessary before attaining a stronger medication.

If symptoms are new, severe, or do not react the same way as in the past after using the OTC drug, you should consult a healthcare professional.  In some cases, you may require a prescription drug which is usually stronger, more specific to you, and potentially have more side effects.



August 16, 2016

How to Take Advantage of Lower Medication Prices Online

Money and health concept

According to Pharmacychecker.com, 4 000 000 Americans order medication from international online sources each year due to the ridiculously high drug prices in their local pharmacies.  These online pharmacies offer a range of savings, some even as high as 95%.  The only catch to this method is that making sure that these pharmacies are safe.

Pharmacychecker.com explains the steps and procedures they go through in order to verify an online pharmacy in this slideshow. One of the important points is that excessive savings, like 95% are probably from fraudulent online pharmacies.

The learning process about online pharmacies is important because it makes you better informed when purchasing prescription medication on the internet. Having this knowledge can be extremely beneficial to your health.

July 26, 2016

Should You Choose Generic or Brand-Name Medication?

Rosuvastatin is available as a generic drug in local pharmacies, but many consumers still tend to purchase the brand name drug, Crestor, at lower prices online. It is important that consumers trust the drugs they are consuming.  As a result, third-party independent resources like PharmacyChecker.com are used to ensure the quality of online pharmacies and their drugs.

Pharmacychecker.com is an excellent source to explain why drugs are cheaper online.  They help in comparing prescription drug prices from different, legitimate online pharmacies. The website explains that international laws and bargaining power of pharmaceutical companies in the United States results in higher drug prices. The website also gives a detailed account of where the drugs are produced, how they are verified, and other reasons to why they are more affordable online.

Read more on PharmacyChecker.com.


July 19, 2016

What is Accidental Acetaminophen Overdose?

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Acetaminophen is a drug that is commonly used as a fever reducer and a pain reliever. Its brand name version, Tylenol, is widely recognized and, in many cases, is used as a substitute for aspirin. It is important that acetaminophen is used in the correct dosage. There is a detailed description that comes with the drug which clearly indicates the safe and beneficial amount for different age groups.

Intentionally or accidentally taking an unsafe dose of acetaminophen  classifies as acetaminophen overdose.  For most people it is recommended that they do not take more than 4000 milligrams of acetaminophen in a 24 hour period. Taking more than this amount can be classified as an overdose. Here are some ways an unintentional overdose can occur:

  • Accidental overdose may occur when a patient takes more than the recommended dose because many patients take more pills if their pain or fever does not go away with the recommended dosage.
  • It is common that many other drugs contain acetaminophen. Combining that dosage with your regular acetaminophen may cause an overdose of acetaminophen in your system.
  • Taking an extended-release form of the pill is another way in which an overdose can occur. An extended release pill causes the medicine to stay in the body longer and in some cases you may have too much in your body at the wrong time.

It is highly advisable that you monitor your doses and take precautionary steps to avoid these overdoses. When you consume a large amount of acetaminophen, your body turns it into a metabolite that is toxic to your liver. As a result, your liver does not effectively eliminate the toxin and it starts cause damage to the organ.

Treatment for acetaminophen overdose largely depends on the amount of time that has passed since the overdose and if the overdose happened all at once, or over a period of time.

Generally acetaminophen overdose is a very serious condition and it can be prevented with extra caution. It always helps to read labels more carefully, taking one type of acetaminophen at a time, taking the correct dosage and not taking the drug too many days in a row.

July 12, 2016

The Definitive Guide to Using Online Pharmacies

medical factory  supplies storage indoor with workers peopleIt is a common misconception that online pharmacies are not deserving of the same level of trust and confidence as your local neighborhood pharmacy. These legitimate businesses are quickly becoming a convenient and private way to purchase medications. There are many tools that one can use to verify that the pharmacy they are ordering their medications from is a legitimate business.
Among them, PharmacyChecker.com is a very comprehensive and fool-proof method you can use to ensure that the medication you order comes at a bargain rate and the pharmacy you end up ordering from is a legitimate enterprise.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to purchase your medication from an online pharmacy and how to use Pharmacy Checker to ensure that the medication you get is safe to use:
1. Search your medication on PharmacyChecker.com

When you type in the name of your medication on Pharmacy Checker, you go through the process of narrowing your search. You begin with either choosing the brand name or generic medication. Next, you are led to a page that asks you the specific strength you wish to purchase.

2. Compare Prices

After selecting your strength, Pharmacy Checker uses web crawling technology to show the prices across a list of their approved pharmacies for your specific drug. The webpage will further specify the price per unit and quantity for the brand name or generic drug.

3. Select a Pharmacy

After looking through the general price range of your drug, take some time to educate yourself on the array of approved pharmacies on this website. You are able to access a profile for each pharmacy. This outlines their policies, procedures, contact information, and other specific information.

Your results will only include pharmacies that have all been given a seal of approval by Pharmacy Checker. In order to receive this seal each pharmacy meets a set of standards:

–  Uses licensed practitioners who achieved a license from a local licensing body

–  Will keep medical information private

–  Will keep financial information secure

–  Will require a prescription achieved by a consultation with your family physician

–  Discloses their contact information to their customers

Always make sure that the online pharmacy is legitimate before purchasing, as there are many fraudulent websites that may offer low quality prescription medication that can jeopardize your health.

July 5, 2016

Pharmaceutical Companies Have the Impunity to Hike Up Drug Prices

Valeant Pharmaceuticals have been recently singled out for their despicable practices. Their malevolent business strategies have made the news, but it does not alter the fact that numerous other pharmaceutical companies participate in the same practices.

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June 28, 2016

Easy Access and Easy Danger of Prescription Drugs

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Medicine cabinets used to be the easiest avenue for teenagers to acquire prescription drugs.  Outdated counteractive measures to restrict teenagers’ access to prescription drugs included counting pills, responsible disposal methods, and locking cabinets have been replaced with concerns about combating illegitimate online pharmacies as the new source for drugs.  Every day in the United States, 2 500 teenagers abuse their first prescription pain reliever and a growing portion of those teenagers are receiving their drugs from online sources.

Like any business, all companies are not equal in their field.  Companies that do not display care for their customers are ones that are most likely to abuse the system and in the online pharmacies industry, it is no difference.  The rogue companies that supply drugs without prescriptions are more likely to be laced with toxins or contain incorrect drug dosages, as they are in the business solely for profit.

needle and pills

A recent article from Warren County highlights a growing concern among law enforcement and parents regarding access to prescription drugs.  Local law enforcement stepped up local efforts such as drug take-back bins to restrict the access to prescription drugs with little effect on overdosing teenagers.  In the process, they realized that the large spike in the number of teenagers obtaining prescription drugs from online pharmacies.  In 2015, ABC News did a segment on these risky drugs and found that some of these drugs are made from pill presses and some even contained substances like drywall.

In a digital age, finding an online pharmacy is simple, which is the inherent danger in the industry.  Without proper knowledge to determine the trustworthiness of an online pharmacy, any child with access to a computer and a little money can stumble upon an online pharmacy that practices illegal activities, specifically ones that do not require a prescription to order prescription drugs.

“People are often not getting what they think,” Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy executive director Van Ingram said. “If it’s a person with a pill press and some rudimentary knowledge of chemistry, there is no quality control in that industry. You are getting what you get. This week’s batch may not be the same as last week’s.”

The barrier in restricting prescription drugs to teenagers boils down to parental awareness and the legitimacy of online pharmacies, specifically whether they ask for a prescription to acquire prescription medication.  The most commonly abused method of acquisition uses online pharmacies that only require information on an online questionnaire or phone call that does not ask for a prescription.  It is important to realize that teenagers can get their hands on drugs from their own rooms, which is why parents need to ensure that all teenagers are aware of the dangers of illegitimate online pharmacies.

23% of Americans turn to online sources to purchase their medication, mostly due to affordability and convenience factors.  Legitimate and reputable online pharmacies are quickly becoming a staple in the lives of many Americans who cannot afford their drugs from their local pharmacies.  However, the number of disreputable pharmacies are an ugly, publicized face of this industry that also poses a great danger to teenagers.

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